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Handguns stolen from cars in Houston

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    Over the Rainbow bridge...
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    May 14, 2008
    The Woodlands, Tx.
    How about our legislators quit making all those stupid “”no gun zones” with criminal penalties attached for us non-criminal citizens while they can’t control the actual violent criminals ?
    Not any "no gun zones" in my driveway.
    Didn't figure many people had those.


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    Apr 19, 2021
    There are good gun safes for vehicles out there. At least make them have to work to open the safe, not knowing if anything in there to begin with. I try and avoid places where I have to leave my firearm but when I choose to, I make damn sure I can keep a visual on my truck. 4,000 stolen from vehicles is ridiculous..


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    Jan 3, 2010
    Occupied Texas
    A friend of mine is a Vietnam vet. He was at the VA hospital, parked directly across from the front door, for 45 minutes. When he came out, his car had been broken into and they stole a revolver that he kept in the glove compartment. I would have thought that they had decent security - or at least decent security cameras, but they didn't.

    People who break into cars are looking for quick cash. Guns are easy to sell or trade for drugs. Places that forbid concealed carry become a target rich environment for thieves.


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    Jan 6, 2021
    A guy around the block had a handgun stolen from his car while parked in his driveway. I see videos all the time on the Ring neighborhood of people checking car door's in the early morning hours. I would never leave a gun in my car.

    Glenn B

    Retired & Loving It
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    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana - Across The Border
    When I lived up north, a young thief was arrested for stealing things out of cars in my neighborhood. Cars on my block were repeatedly burglarized. He never forced open even a single car, all he did was grabbed the door handle to see if the car was locked or not. Everything he stole had been in cars on which the doors had been left unlocked. Sure some thieves break into cars but some do not, those latter ones just depend on the carelessness or forgetfulness of the car owner who does not lock the car doors. No, I am not saying to blame the rape victim, I am saying don't give help to a thief by facilitating their commission of a crime. Why make it easy for them. Same goes for pro-gun stickers left on vehicles and for packages left in the passenger compartment in plain view when the vehicle is left unattended.

    As for leaving guns in a car, I have done it now and again but not often with a handgun and often with my trunk long gun. I do sometimes leave a pistol if I go to a hospital or the like for treatment but usually try to remember to leave it at home. When I do that, I try to remember not to fiddle with the gun in the facility's parking lot, I will pull over somewhere else before getting there and conceal the firearm. I try not to advertise, in the parking lot, that I am hiding anything of value.
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