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Aug 30, 2017
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Just one question? How many can you tumble at a time using both drums? I typically tumble several thousand. I don't like hearing it run very often.


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Oct 20, 2011
I’m using walnut shell media and not very happy with the inside of the brass. I run the tumbler for about 2hrs roughly. Do I need to run it longer? Use different media like sand? Not sure what I’m not doing right. And occasionally a piece of the media will get stuck in the flash hole and need to be pushed out.

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1) you will never clean the inside of the case well qithin a reasonable amount of time with a vibratory unit and media alone, the action precludes it. Cob is better than walnut for dust and does a fine job.
2) a single piece of cob or walnut in the flashole will not affect ignition. Promise, I tested almost 100 of them after painstakingly finding and loading them. No statistical difference, NONE. Primers are strong, that little piece stands no chance.
3) clean inside, outside, and primer pocket means a wet rotary tumbler with pins, no substitute
4) the cleanliness of your fired brass (assuming you arent a moron with mud caked, corroded brass) means nothing for functionality, it is purely for your pleasure and nothing else
5) your cleaning solution determines the majority of internal cleanliness in wet applications. You dont need pins and can get 70% of the internal clean and 100% of the external blingy brass look that will not help you shoot better and make the brass sticky as all get out in your dies. Compound is king.
6) pins burnish along their cylinder and "clean" on the ends, remember that. There is a reason there are different media shapes, pins need time to "clean" pockets because only their cut ends can do that. They need a compound to enable and assist in that work, burnishing is not a cutting action. The right size is important for small diameter calibers
7) Pins suck and they follow your brass unless you really, really work to get them out. 100% of people who have given me brass to load that they cleaned with pins had pins in the brass somewhere. You think a piece of cob is bad, how about a 308 with a perfect ring of pins in the bottom or a bridged 380 case mouth? 100% to date.

Try wet cleaning and see what you think or just spend your time loading and shooting more. People tend to be more impressed when you shoot single hole groups at a respectable distance than how shiny your brass is going into your gun. Could be me, I'll admit it, but your brass is probably fine and your time is better spent elsewhere improving your shooting.

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Sep 25, 2018
They certainly don’t have to be shiny sparkly gleaming but it’s easier to detect cracks in the necks or the presents of case head separation with clean brass versus dull dark brass. There is no best solution for everyone. Hell I didn't even clean or tumble brass the first 7-8 years of reloading.


Jan 22, 2016
Videos links don’t work

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Those aren't videos, just links to the products on Amazon. They work for me, but if they don't for you, just search for the products there, or at other appropriate retailers... Walmart, Ebay, Petsmart, etc.


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Petsmart has a 20 lb bag of walnut media for around $15. Mine has lasted over 10 years. I put Flitz in my media as I add it to the tumbler.
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