Tactical boots... what yall wearing?


Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
Got a set of Danner Tanicus Dry in coyote for TXSG duty. AR 670-1 compliant, well built, and light. So far no complaints, but I have yet to put them through any real challenges. They appear to be up for the task though...


I actually also have a set of Condor Gordon boots I picked up cheap from L.A. Police Supply. For $29.95 plus shipping, they are almost disposable; however they are comfy and I have worn them for light duty. I don't expect much out of them, but so far they are holding up pretty well. I would never wear them in the field; but for garrison duty, they're up for the challenge.




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Sep 27, 2018
I can tell you not to go with academies side zipper 60$ one or walmarts I've gone through both pairs in but 6 months I have yet to find something I can jog in a few times a week and have it not break down. Gonna partially hijack and ask in particular has anyone jogged in any boots that dont rip up?
5.11 Atlas boots. I ran in them in the academy everyday for 6 months. I just bought a second pair as a back up but the first ones are still holding up great. Only thing is they’re roughly $170. They don’t take a shine and fit more like a tennis shoe than a pair of boots. Worth the money

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Oct 1, 2010
Dripping Springs, Just west of weird
I can still do man work in my trusty vans. I get 6 months or 6000 miles out of them, whichever comes first

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Hmmm, I wouldn't have any toes left if I wore Vans to work, Hammers, boards, tools etc. Not to mention Vans would kill my feet wearing them for ten hours on ladders and concrete.

Tactical boots are protective,breathable and supportive enough to wear them all day at jobs that demand allot.

I've been through at least 30 pairs f Vans in my younger days. They're essentially boating shoes with some extra protection for ollie scuffing.
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