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Jun 3, 2020
Anyone have certified instructor in the family who would be willing to teach me how to shoot once a month in a friends ranch in Elgin I want to get my LTC.


Feb 1, 2009
"In your comment you mention being a cop. Am I to assume you’ve shot through windshields in real life or in training? I’ve shot through windshields,side windows, and back glass. My findings for 9 mm, 40 S&W, and 223 don’t mirror your comment."

I've trained and shot through more cars (windshields and side panels, etc.) than I can probably count. 9mm, .40, & .45's will all penetrate through almost ANY windshield, and generally with fairly good accuracy. Does that mean that EVERY round fired is going to perform as expected? NO. I wouldn't state my reputation on internet videos or "gun blod" articles, your often listening to "cyber experts"! Not a good idea.


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Dec 15, 2019
somewhere.....East Texas.
I have seen those also even shot at some myself.

there is a difference between a broken windshield propped up while someone stands over it shooting down at an angle to make the impact 90 degrees to the glass

and a windshield properly mounted in a vehicle at an angle designed to have the best deflection it can for aerodynamics.

Now make that a moving vehicle that creates its own upward air turbulence and penetration becomes an issue.

Real world vs shooting range can have a big impact on outcomes and I think people should be aware of this before they have to find out the hard way (heaven forbid).
My informal testing was done on windshields that were still in the vehicles. I actually "tested" this theory some years ago, and posted the pictures of the testing, when some so-called "expert" spouted off nonsense that a person needed at least a 40 caliber to penetrate a windshield of a vehicle. So I informally tested his scenario, with a 9mm, a 40S&W, a 45acp, and a 44 Mag, just for grins. Not one failed to penetrate the windshield, and would have easily, IMO, taken out the driver or passenger of the vehicle. (the vehicle was a four door 1975 full-sized Plymouth.) One FMJ 9mm even went as far as stopping inside one of the taillights after being shot through the windshield, and going through both the front, and rear seats! I tested at about 25 feet in front of the vehicle.

So it seems that "theory" of a 9mm won't get the job done is BS and been debunked more than a few times!


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May 28, 2008
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About toward the last 1:35 of the video. Another good example of handgun rounds defeating a windshield from inside the vehicle


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Aug 21, 2009
Back in high school, I unexpectedly witnessed a .22lr penetrate a windshield from inside the car. And I have personally shot 9mm and 5.56 from inside a car through a windshield and hit targets.

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Oct 14, 2018
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I am prior military and I am a current instructor. I take a little issue with those saying that military and LE training doesn’t translate to civilians. There’s much to learn from folks that have pulled the trigger in anger. We haven’t fought a long-distance war in a long time. Most current combat is up close and personal.

That being said, of course not everything is going to transfer. The exception proves the rule, though.

One specific thing earlier in this thread stood out... One of the experts proclaimed that shooting from a vehicle is BS for a civilian. I guess they’ve never heard of a car jacking. That is a very up close and personal kind of shooting that could take place from a car.

Now I don’t think that car jacking is a common occurrence here in Texas, but it is at least not unexpected in some parts of the country. However, even for this scenario, avoidance is key. Stay out of probable places and your odds are much better.

That’s the beauty of training. You can, and should start with fundamentals and stress safety above all else. But once mastered, challenging yourself with more scenarios and techniques is great. We should be lifelong learners.

I am an “instructor“ but first and foremost I am a “student” of the gun. I want to learn something new as often as I can.



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