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Hunting With Rix Optics (thermal)

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  • Double Naught Spy

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    Mar 4, 2008
    North Texas
    I don't post a lot of my hunting videos here, just some of the more interesting ones. This is the case with this video. I am using some new thermal optics from a company called RIX Optics which is new as of last year, based in Richardson, Texas. RIX is a budget optic brand with its high end Leap L6 thermal weapon sight coming in under $4k, which is pretty good for a 640 resolution scope. The focus here is on the Storm S3, which is a 384 resolution scope with a smaller lens, less resolution, but more compact in size and lighter weight optic that comes in at just $1800. Based on two nights of hunting with it, I would think that it should be good enough for folks to use comfortably to shoot coyotes and hogs out to 200 yards, farther in some cases, but 200 as a general rule. Two hundred yards is typically farther than most folks shoot at night anyway. For what it offers, this seems like it would a decent budget purchase, or guest rifle/backup purchase.

    I have it paired with the Pocket K2 which is a 256 resolution scanner. I am not keen on 256 resolution and this one works about as expected. At distance, it is better for spotting and then the user can use their rifle with better optics to make final identifications. For $499, it has its place, but I would rather see one offered in at least 384 resolution.

    Full disclaimer, I am prostaff for Rix Optics, but I am not trying to sell you anything. Being prostaff just gets me access to some of their toys. I am just sharing them with y'all and y'all came make up your minds on whether you think this gear is for you.

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