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Defender Tactical, anyone here used their Mossberg piece?

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  • CaptHowdy

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    Jul 23, 2010
    As previously reported, I had a great education in shotguns. Although an 870 fan, I loved the Model 12 and its predecessor, “the knuckle skinner”. I now have several 870 SF & Tactical models. But my full-size Mossberg functions flawlessly, too.

    IMO, all those modern accoutrements I see attached to butchered pump guns just detract from the weapon’s utility.

    Yes, the bbls longer than 18” are useless anachronisms.

    But, the pistol stocks, light sabers, breaching tools, sidesaddle shell carriers, strobes, cameras, etc., & especially the pistol grip pump slides, are fetishes & detract from usefulness.

    My opinion.

    I bought a Mossy 500 with a pistol grip. After one shot, I changed it to a regular stock. I thought I had broken my wrist.
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