Bullseye match


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Mar 15, 2009
Central Texas
I was thinking Sunday after lunch.... I will be shooting anyway so if ya'll are so inclined... I will go by Red's and pick up some targets this week. MG
Looks like I had better dust off the .45 acp press....just so happens I just aquired a couple pounds of Bullseye powder...


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Jan 23, 2009
Rules of the Match

Alan if I got anything wrong here feel free to slap me once or twice!

********************* Shoot Rules***********************
Total 20 rounds
5 @ 3 Yard
5 @ 7 Yards
5 @ 15 Yards
5 @ 25 Yards

No contenders or other rifle rounds in pistol grip configured guns.
Center fire pistol or revolver only.

Any sight configuration i.e.: iron , scope, halo, red dot, etc....
One or two handed your preference
Standard LEO B27 target

Weekend of the 28th – 29th shoot starts and scores need to be in to Alan before next match begins 30 days later.

Rules subject to change as more teams and shooter come on line.

************************** End**************************


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Jan 23, 2009
The way I read it, ANY centerfire round...I have a carbine in .45 acp. I would doubt that would mean I couldn't shoot my 1911...MG

Pistol or revolver!!
Must be of standard pistol / revolver design.
No carbines, cut down pistol grip rifles, etc.....

Let's not complicate this. We all know with common sense what standard pistol / revolver means.

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