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  • V-Tach

    Watching While the Sheep Graze
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    Sep 30, 2012
    A friend of mine was sitting with me in the shop and pulled out his S&W PC Airweight and told me he wanted to trade it on another gun. He emptied the cylinder handed it to me and asked me "feel the trigger". I cocked it and put the web of my left hand between the trigger and the frame and pulled the trigger a couple of times and the trigger pull was decent, after all it was a PC model....

    He said try the double action pull, so I thumbed the trigger with my left thumb and pulled it DA a few times not letting the hammer fall hard..... I don't like to dry fire revolvers (especially someone else's).....

    I opened it to hand it back to him and there was still a round in the cylinder.....

    His face was filled with horror and he started to apologize profusely..........I told him it was my fault for not opening the cylinder to check it when he handed it to me....and it was my fault....

    Always check to see if a gun is unloaded, even after watching someone "unload it"............


    Just Another Boomer
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    Nov 22, 2011
    IMO, the older S&W revolvers had the best factory triggers of sny pistol made with the Dan Wesson revolvers following with a close second place.
    If we ever know we're going to be in the same place at the same time, remind me to bring my .35 Remington. There's a whole 'nother level of goodness in pistol triggers you should experience.
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