When the pig is tougher (or smarter) than the hunter...


TGT Addict
Jun 23, 2014
Why? She fired two clean misses, so what good would more ammunition do her? Maybe if she had been attacked by the broad side of a barn she'd have done better.
General Zod,

She is the same sort of shooter as some of the police officers, that I have seen "qualifying" over the years, who MISSED the over 6 foot tall BERM behind the target line.
(FYI, it is commonplace for LEOs in Baltimore County, MD to "qualify" with their duty handgun if they score LESS than 50% hits on the "target back-stop", which is made of 4x8 sheets of plywood.)

Note: I was once (about 15 years ago) stationed in Baltimore County with another law enforcement agency & knew how POORLY that the average BPD & BCSD officer shot their "duty weapon" back then. - Investigators of our agency routinely "fired for record" & also were allowed to practice on the BCSD range, each quarter.

yours, satx
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