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What knife did YOU carry today?????

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  • robertc1024

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    Jan 22, 2013
    San Marcos
    Boker black Kalishnakof Automat 74. My first auto knife after they became legal in Texas. I like these knives a ton. Very durable.

    I only have two “show knives” and both are Anza. But I rarely carry them. But these Boker knives are EDC knives, and they are used hard. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how durable they are.

    Have them in black, FDE, and green.
    I've had a couple of them too - like them a lot for the price, but the blade steel is kinda soft.


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    Jan 6, 2021
    Got this the other day, spring assisted.


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    May 10, 2021
    BUCK WOODSMAN - (Made in Idaho.)

    SWEET knife!

    Mine is older and is in BLACK. It came with a black leather sheath NIB like the other ones did when I bought them.

    I am going through MY own knives and seeing if my husband would like a few of them.

    My husband MAY (?!) sell 2 of his CF rifles and get something else.

    He has owned those 2 bolt action rifles (.223 and 30-06) for some time especially one of them AND if he should decide to sell them - I think that H just froze over! LOL

    He and I have been in a GIVING mode with each other and with other people.

    Old Lady Cate


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    Feb 2, 2024
    CRKT assisted open. I've carried it for years, and feel decidedly when I dont have it. It is also the primary reason i check a bag when i fly.


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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.

    Picked up these two today.
    Top - S&W Outdoorsman 158. Best I can determine is late 1976.
    Nice condition. Hoss of a knife. Very little info out there on these.
    Bottom - Case XX 3 Finn. USA made. Best I can date is 1965-70.
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    May 11, 2015
    Microtech LUDT
    I like that! And USA made too.
    I might have to get myself one.

    So often I see pictures of knife that looks like something I would want, but then do an internet search only to find out it is made in China. A deal killer for me,
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