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what are the issues with the xd?

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    Oct 17, 2012
    Temple TX
    I guess I'm 1 of the lucky few that has never had any issues with the xd-m. I know many others who shoot this line and many thousands of rounds without and failures or catastrophic failures.
    Echo, couple of xdm's two xd's and an xde. All have worked and shot fine. I have had two M&P pistols that love to have the roll pins walk out on them to the point you have to glue them. On guns that have never had the pins punched out no less. That being said, 99% I carry a p365 and that other 1% goes to one of those M&P's.


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    May 9, 2022
    I had a xd9 service model that failed when I shot a load that was way too hot ( got a bunch of reloads from a old guy that double charged em and I pulled and recharged 99.9% found one by accident that was seated too deep to pull and shot it without thinking) It cracked the polymer frame and did some other damages that SA fixed. The gun had about 5k rounds thru it at the time. SA repaired the gun, replaced all sorts of stuff, shipped it and all 12 of my mags both ways, and gave me a new 16 rnd mag for $76. I have put about 4k rounds since then in it.
    I carry an XDS9 daily because I like the guns and trust the company to take care of their customers.
    The thing I don't like is the grip is a little small for my hands on both but they shoot very well for me despite feeling small.
    The grip angle is the issue that drew me to them in the first place. I hold a glock and see the top of the slide, I hold an XD and see the sights. I could have trained enough to make up for the angle difference on glocks but didn't want to change myself for one design of handgun.


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    May 22, 2013
    Harris County
    I've had a couple of XDs; an XD9 Duty and an XD9 Tactical. Both performed well and never had problems. I put a couple of thousand rounds through the Tactical before selling it.

    15 years ago when I got my first XD I preferred the XDs over most other pistols for the ergonomics. They fit my hand perfectly and I never had problems with the grip safety. Before most gun manufacturers started offering different sized backstrap inserts, there were only a couple of handguns that I really felt comfortable shooting. I have never liked the ergonomics of Glocks. They have made some improvements, but they are still among my least favorite handguns to shoot. I'm also not very fond of the ergonomics of most FN and H&K handguns.

    In my opinion there are generally three tiers of firearms; Gucci guns, service grade and economy/crap guns. For the most part, firearms in the service grade are roughly comparable. They aren't custom-tuned, hand-crafted gems and they aren't cheap junk that will rarely make it through a full mag without problems. Most of the service grade will do the job with a decent degree of certainty and will have round counts in the thousands between part failures. That's not to say that there might not be some outliers, but over the full production run most will be durable and dependable. You can get an idea of of the quality from materials used and the fit and finish, but you can't make authoritative generalized statements of quality without detailed testing of a very large sample size. A lot of what is stated about quality and durability is often the result of anecdotal reports. The only handguns that have undergone third party durability testing are those that have been trialed for government contracts. Even things like service and repair data from users that have large numbers of a particular make/model of handgun can provide misleading results due to use and maintenance practices.

    In summary; when you are shopping for a service grade handgun it's going to come down to features and ergonomics.
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