Unexplained incident thread. Ghosts? Bigfoot? Midget Clowns in the woods while hunting? In honor of Ghostober.


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Jul 2, 2017
Why are big foots always alone?.

I wonder what the proper plural is?
Bigfeet? LOL

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Feb 1, 2009
When I was young I bought into the ghost and UFO thing. The weegee(spelling) board. Even hanging out at graveyards. Saw a few things, heard a few things. Scared my dumb self. I think that was the point. One day a GF and I were doing the weegee board at her house. I made the spirit pound on the roof and then just on a hunch I said to the board. I rebuke you in the name of Christ. I think I'd seen a movie where they did that. The planchet slowly moved to the right side of the board and stopped when one leg fell off. It never worked again. I thought then, wow this God Dude is way bigger than ghosts and stuff. I had a lot to learn.
Some years later I Had coffee with a Pastor in southern Washington where the first communities enacted Bigfoot laws. Lewiston? Lewisville? Its been many years. He helped my find a route to Spokane in December that would not require tire chains. He had lived there all his days.
We chatted about bigfoot. I opined that it was a good thing for tourism and he agreed. But he said it was also a good way to cause people to doubt their faith in God. That hit me like rock. Then he added that he felt the same way about ghosts and haunted houses and such. They are apparition's from satan that help people look away from God. Sort of sneaking in some doubt. Same with folks that claim to be medium's and profits and such. They are getting their information from demons sitting on their shoulder whispering in their ear. That's why what they spout is never 100% correct. Because unlike God, the devil doesn't know all.
After a tour of The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, my daughter wanted to sign up to spend the night at the haunted house. She said I could not go however. Because of my faith nothing would happen or be scary.


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Apr 20, 2020
Why are big foots always alone? Why do they never have any primitive tools or minimal clothes? I was thinking about the San Bushmen in Africa said to be the most ancient race of people. Even the san people build huts, live in communities & have music & art.

Hell all kinds of animals have figured out tools also. Animal have to mate and die why has no one ever stumbled upon big foot remains or a mother with young? What about an old sick one? And what about shit, anyone whose been in the wild has come across shit & most all of it is identifiable? Big foot don't shit or are they burying it. To bury it they would have a tool one would think.

With all these sittings one would think every big foot out their is one age & fit enough+ smart enough to go undetected enough to elude modern man & technology.

They're not always alone - if you read Bob Gimlin's account of he & Patterson's video of "Patty" - that was only one of a handful of Sasquatch in that immediate area.

Lots of accounts of groups of the things. Some where they're not so nice too - if you get the change, listen to the story of the Ape Canyon incident. Ape Canyon is in SW Washington, and got its name due to sightings of "apes" in the area. The most startling was when a group of minors were attacked, in their cabin, by a group of angry Sasquatch. They shot the hell out of that cabin from the inside out, trying to fend off the angry beasts.

As for shit...

While I cannot definitiely say it was Sasquatch poop, because I didn't see the pooper in question, one of my earliest "signs" of bigfoot activity that I found was a GIANT mound of shit I found outside my tent one morning, many, many years ago. This was before I'd ever seen one, but I saw depressions in the gravel that looked weird - I was camping on the banks of a creek with my first wife. I got up to do my own business, walked up stream of our camp a ways to find a suitable place to poop, and found a GIANT mount of human-looking shit. It didn't look like bear shit, it certainly wasn't deer or elk shit, so unless Andre the Giant stopped by my camp and dropped a deuce, I couldn't explain what else might've left it. I know it wasn't me, and my wife never got up during the evening, nor do I think it would be possible for her to leave such an impressive mound of fecal matter.

I think they do also use simple tools, sticks and rocks at least, and they build wooden structures. They don't use fire, but I think that is born out of the fact that fire draws attention - in this case for them it would draw the attention of humans. Humans are probably the most dangerous creature on the planet to these things, because we have guns. I think they know what a gun is, or at least most do.

I think they also carry off and bury their dead. I don't think its common for them to be truly alone - when they are hunting, I think there are always at least pairs working an area. If one gets sick or hurt or killed, I think they tend to their dead much like we do. Rock mounds or buried in soft earth.

Take it for what its worth, but stories of other violent encounters with them - where humans have shot and killed or gravely wounded them - many tell of the others picking up the fallen beasts and fleeing with their bodies.

I think they have adapted to be incredibly stealthy, and they are masters of their habitat in ways only a few humans could hope to be.


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Feb 21, 2011
San Antonio
One night I was waking through a rail yard bleeding the air off of an inbound train. As I bent down to grab the bleed rod on one of the cars, a mans face was inches from mine. It scared me and I jumped back immediately. Deaths have occurred in that rail yard but I do not believe in ghosts. I think it could have been light from my lantern reflecting off of something or some other scientific explanation. It did spook me out at first.


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Jan 22, 2010
Around 2004 or 2005 I was living in Granbury and had the day off so I decided to go to the dam and do some catfishing. There is or was a small fishing pier at the dam, and as it was a windy overcast fall morning I was lucky to be the only one out there fishing or otherwise. I had the whole place to myself. I was doing fairly well that morning, had about a half dozen good eating sized channel cats on the stringer tied to one of the posts on the pier. Out of nowhere, I smelled the strong odor of cigarette smoke, we all know what it smells like. That is what caught my attention and made me turn around to face the parking lot as I did not hear a vehicle pull up. I turn around to see an older gentleman walking towards me, probably 50 yards away. He had no vehicle, my truck was the only vehicle in the lot. He finally walks up to me on the pier and asks how the fishing was, and I said something about it being pretty good and showed him my stringer of fish. I had two rods in the water and right about the time I showed him my stringer, one of the rods starts to do the dance, fish on - so I turn my attention away from the man briefly to set the hook and reel in another decent sized channel cat. Thinking the man was still behind me the whole time, only to land that fish and turn around to continue my conversation with him and he was GONE. Nowhere to be seen, and as he hadn't arrived in a vehicle it would have taken him a few minutes at least to walk out of my sight, if anyone is familiar with the dam at lake Granbury you know what I am talking about. The hairs on my arms and neck stood up and after I put that last fish on the stringer, they went into the cooler and I went home. I wasn't quite done for the day but that whole incident gave me the willies and I just wanted to leave after that. I still think about that from time to time when I am out fishing by myself, but I have no explanation as to where he came from or where he went, or if he was even a real human being to begin with. If it wasn't for the cigarette smoke smell, I never would have had any inclination to turn around at all.

Glenn B

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Sep 5, 2019
Texarkana Area
I saw an eight point buck once and shot it and it went down. First deer I ever shot. While not a ghost or anything like that, I figure that was at least an unexplained incident since my luck usually sucks.



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