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  • cycleguy2300

    TGT Addict
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    Mar 19, 2010
    Austin, Texas
    Watch out fellows, we got a badass over here, hehe!

    I got a steel plate and a shot timer. Let me know what your standard is and I’ll incorporate it into our next TGT group shoot out here in El Paso.


    If you have a place to shoot, $200 for a shot timer, a couple of target stands and somecard board targets would let you shoot for daily for weeks and run any SD drills you can dream up.

    Надіслано з дому вашої мами за допомогою Tapatalk

    Deaf Smith

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    Nov 25, 2022
    WRT to IPSC (and USPSA) -- The timer starts the stage, so the clock is running before anything else can happen.

    Thus the draw speed and speed of first shot are of some importance, because time's a-wastin', but ultimately, however, it's been shown that movement is where most non-pro competitors lose time, and generally lose far more time than the few tenths of a second that they might lose compared to the fastest draw speeds out there.
    Let's say you have 6 targets, two hits per target, have to run to two shooting boxes. Draw time takes 1 second while run and shooing takes 10 seconds. You might shave off .2 seconds off your draw so that manes out of 10 seconds the draw is... well 1/10th of the time, if that. So no, the draw is of little importance for IPSC. The running, shooting, transitions, etc.. take far far more time.


    TGT Supporter
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    Apr 15, 2011
    Observed a IDPA bug match... same old 10 targets, steel plates, double tap 'em , run and gun....

    Folks, I'd love to see a real defensive match. Few targets, fast draws, one handed shooting, real concealment, appendix and IWB holsters.

    None of this high round count barricade stuff.

    Is anyone doing this in Texas?


    TGT Supporter
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    Jan 13, 2020
    Granbury Texas
    Long time ago, way long time ago, near SFASU we had 'walk & draw' matches. Just like Jeff Cooper and Big Bear Lake. Simple two plates and two contestants walk toward them.. horn would tell 'em to draw and try to knock their plate off the post before the other guy could. And yes we had the 'Flying M' to. All man-vs-man and no long strings of shots with 10 targets... which is 100 percent unrealistic.

    I guess man-vs-man (which is what happens in the street) is to dangerous as for lawyers (you go real fast.)

    Now to me most defensive shootings are quite short range.. 3 ft to 20 at the most. 10 targets??? No. Running and gunning from box to box? No. Bunch of speed reloads? No.

    Now I do like IPDA finally got to 15 round mags but I don't know of a club that allows appendix carry (which technically IDPA allows.)

    I did IDPA and IPSC for many many years. Yea you learn lots of good skills but really fast close in shooting is not one of them. You are not timed on the first shot but on the string.. thus speed of draw and speed of first shot is very low in importance.

    And with the ammo shortage/prices one would think short fast stages with low round count would be popular. I just don't see it.
    I agree however the six times that I have drawn in self defense were against four (3), 8 (1) and 1 with a knife 1 with a rifle. The only time I discharged was into the ground between our feet while penned against my car with door by two of the 4 unarmed assailants, Dallas 1972= 8 two groups of four chasing me and my wife in New Orleans-1977 none armed with firearms when I presented they fled-4 Washington DC 1973 when I presented they fled once in Houston 1981 the knife wielder calmly turned and walked away. I was ran off the road by 4 men in 1972, presented and they got back in their car and drove off. The last was a mounted hunting guide on my property in 2000 who threatened to shoot my dog, he was trespassing and raised his Winchester. I drew my Ruger 357 and told him drop the riffle...he returned it to saddle horn and the group rode off...he was later arrested.
    The only things that these had in common was that I was scared as shit! All were within 10 feet except two which were 30 feet or more and fast draw was not an issue in any.

    Deaf Smith

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    Nov 25, 2022
    Ummm no Quick Draw McGee shot himself in leg and it was not during a IPSC match...
    So what makes this 'quick draw McGee' any different? Like I said one shot himself in the hand in a IPSC match... doing quick grabbing of a gun.

    KYFFOTFT, as an FBI trainer once said, is the key. But still even in sanctioned matches some make big slips....

    What is more another one here DIED...

    And another one even dropped his gun and it killed the RO!




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