The Untold History of the NRA


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Mar 27, 2021
'Necropost' - nice phrase. I freely admit that by the time I got the the end of 12 pages, I did not check dates.

Example - the ACLU opposed California's last round of gun restrictions in 2019 because it would threaten people's civil liberties (especially the 'red flag' section which essentially empowered any jerk to file a false report and get one's guns removed.)

Agree on the turn in direction the ACLU has taken in the last 20 years or so... they have gotten very selective on which amendments they support - and whose causes. They are pretty much ideologically bankrupt by now.


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Mar 28, 2013
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May 28, 2008
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Seems to me that judging past compromises and actions of the NRA by current "no compromise" standards is about the same as the 'woke' folks criticizing 'Gone With The Wind'. Why not check the historical context, hmm?

And sometimes groups who are theoretically antagonistic do wind up on the same side... 'the enemy of my enemy etc.' I once read that for all the anti-ACLU bias among conservatives, at that point (mid-'90s?) the ACLU had been on the NRA's; i.e. against anti-2A gun control ridiculousness, side of more lawsuits than against. Maybe that has changed in the quarter-century since, but should still be significant.

Does the NRA have a leadership perception problem? Oh yeah... and needs to address it. Bu it is probably the only organization around capable of mustering millions of single-issue votes, which makes the Dems tread cautiously in their quest to disarm all but themselves. Might be a good thing to remember when you start advocating for throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Hey new guy. Welcome to the forum. How far in the past do you think we need to overlook the NRA pure, unadulterated cuckoldery when it comes to capitulating to the left?


Old Guy "Have Gun; Won't Travel !"
Mar 28, 2013
Saint Martinville, LA

I'm old enough (77+) to recall Neal Knox and his objections to NRA delinquency, but not the details of what went before. I appreciate the o.p. for bringing me/us up-to-date, but the subsequent posts are difficult to follow.

I've been a lifelong NRA supporter, but, the current situation with the "Nominating Committee" FORTRESS built and maintained solely to keep Wayne the Petulant in complete control has destroyed any pretense that today's NRA is in any way a "democratic" outfit which respects members' inputs.

As a longtime NRA/TSRA "Life Member", I think the time for Alice to GO has long passed. Remember the NAME of the outfit is "TEXAS State", not "Wayne Worship", Rifle Association.

As I see this now, no more money to NRA until Wayne is GONE and the "Nominating committee" structure is demolished.

NO matter what happened 90 years ago.

Remember "Divide and Conquer" ? Well, Wayne has been the "Head Chief Divider in Charge" lately !


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Sep 25, 2018
I’m grateful my father didn't sign me up as a life-timer. He asked and I declined. I paid my own way for about 28-30 years. When they teamed up with PETA and the Sierra Club for a short time I knew it was over. I soon stopped membership and any extra gifts.


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