The Tri City Meet


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Jan 23, 2009
Well Austin, Houston and DFW shot this weekend together.

What a great time we all had.

USMCPMI and his group up from Austin and DCortez and his group came up from Houston.

Some one has pictures and they can post them to this thread if they wish. I forgot my camera like a dwitt!

All kinds of gun fun.

USMCPMI had his AR45 out and I can’t name all the other hardware I saw folks shooting.

Guns were being passed around like it was “shoot for free day at the local range.”

The range officers had to give us the reaction bays to shoot in because we had the majority of all the lanes taken up.:cool:

Somewhere we lost DCOrtez at one point but we found him again. He was hiding out on the tactical bay blasting away.

I tried to get a head count but there was just to much happening and to many folks to chat up and all I can say is there were 20+ folks representing TGT.:1zhelp:

Man what a time we did have!!!!!!:p

Planning for DFW trip south will start the 1st of the year.

Sorry I have to get on my soap box now cause y’all made me do it!!!
There is no reason what so ever; every city out there can’t field a monthly event.
Even if there are only three or four of you make; plans, go to the range, shoot and post back on the forum about the event.
Trust me, in a very short time you will have a good core group and start having the fun we had this weekend!

OK I’ve brow beat ya enough now! LOL!!!

Here are the scores of the shoot.
NavyGuy – 194
RiggerGreg – 191
Scottwgast - 187
Kingofwylie – 193
Aenimated1 – 197
MadMo – 172

My score improved this time. I shot the 25 yard round with my eyes closed and this time I hit the paper – ROFLMAO!!!!


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Jan 23, 2009
We went through a few hundred rounds and only counted the center shots. So put us down for 250 x 4

DC man all I can say was that was a blast!!!
After lunch I felt like I had known you for years!!!

Come spring we will have to put a big BBQ and shoot fest on!!!
You know how to do Cabrito????


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Sep 29, 2009
I had a great time! I'm somewhat of a noob when it comes to shooting, so I thought 187 wasn't too bad since it's the first time I ever shot a .45! :) thanks brother (usmcpmi) for inviting me along.


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Mar 15, 2009
Central Texas
Scotty my boy! Nice to see you on here! Yea, I had a great time with the northern boys on Sunday. Just not enough time in the day to shoot all the guns we brought! And 187 aint shabby.... a little more practice and you'll do much better. MG
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