The gun grabbers are wrong again


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Apr 13, 2018
And I know they lurk this forum
In that case: Listen losers, I’ve had about all the liberal house wife bullcrap I can take. Know where you can roll that mother jones magazine and put it? I’m sure you do. Why don’t people hold the shit head kids that act out accountable? The same kids y’all love to help can only help themselves but don’t because their losers. If they had the choice between doing homework or stealing your shit, their going to steal your shit! How about y’all rename your group to mom’s demand fathers!? Why don’t y’all take that money for gun control and build recreation centers and coaches for youth!? Nope can’t do that! Gotta pretend like y’all give a shit, living in your yuppy houses driving yuppy cars, while a lot of these kids really just make fun of y’all!


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Jan 31, 2019
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Let us see how many laws the shooter broke: 1) Underage possession of a handgun; 2) Possession on a school campus; 3) discharging a firearm in the city limits; 4) assault with a deadly weapon (three counts); and 5) Attempted manslaughter. So how is one more law against guns going to stop another moron from doing something like this again? Because plainly violating five laws did not stop this guy! Is there a magic number that will make the criminals stop and think "Perhaps I should reevaluate my strategy to maximize my returns with regard to not violating so many laws during the commission of one major crime?"
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