Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says Senate currently lacks the votes to pass permitless carry


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That boggles the mind. I have problems with the whole shopkeepers privilege thing but I was under the impression that it applied ONLY to suspected shoplifting.

Under what theory did these security guards think they had the authority to ask someone to leave and then hold them, then preventing them from leaving? (Sheesh, even that question doesn't make sense...)
I'm an armed security guard. If their training was anything like mine, then it should have been pounded into their heads that they can't actually detain someone without a VERY good reason. Basically, unless they commit a serious felony right in front of you and you feel that performing a citizen's arrest is absolutely necessary, you let them leave.

Now, they did teach that you could basically stall them if you wanted to try and keep them there until the police arrive, but at no point can you physically stop them from leaving, or really even tell them that they cannot leave. You don't have to tell them they are free to go, and can let them think that they are being detained though.

Anything more than that, and you become a massive liability and could possibly be charged with a crime depending on the circumstances.

I don't get that mentality in some guards either. Many use the job as a stepping stone to become LEOs, so that might have something to do with it.

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Apr 9, 2021
Report from GOA, HB1927 needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

Unfortunately, the Senate, led by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, created some major problems.

Whenever the Senate adds any amendments to a bill already passed by the House, that bill has to go back to the House. The House can concur with the amendments and send the bill to the Governor’s desk. Or it can call for a conference committee to work out the differences, then send the final version back to the House and Senate for another full vote.

However, the Senate created a worse problem.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was told ahead of time that at least one of the Senate amendments if adopted, would violate House rules. This would allow the anti-gunners to kill Constitutional Carry in the House on a technical violation — before the House could even decide to concur or go to a conference committee.

Despite knowing this, the Lt. Governor still pushed through his packet of amendments and refused to listen to multiple warnings.

The Senate can still fix this problem — but only if it acts quickly.

GOA LINK HERE: https://texas.gunowners.org/tell-the-senate-to-fix-the-constitutional-carry-bill-now/



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