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  • wakosama

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    May 5, 2022
    I was wrong. the guy I thought was a scammer turned out to be a long timer... I just couldn't access his responses properly. My fault and I lost the deal.


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    Dec 6, 2020
    Sugar Land, Texas
    I got a same scam from weapons guild from a guy called Chad couture. Funny thing is that I could’ve had someone check out the real Chad’s address since I have a friend who lives in the same town.

    As additional context, the scammer was offering a super low price on a TNW Suomi kit and he immediately posted his C&R ffl, drivers license, and LTC. I’m pretty sure the real Chad wouldn’t have a reason to stoop so low so it’s pretty crazy how smart this scammer was, he knows his guns at a superficial level (messed up when I asked him to post the kit but he didn’t include the BATF approved schematics). He’s been hitting up all the files as well so watch out. Usually they can’t do a video or picture with timestamp and something silly next to the product (I’ve asked for a fork on top of a toilet paper roll next to a gun before) and that usually weeds them out.


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    Jul 12, 2022
    San Antonio,TX
    I can say the scammers are persistent sometimes. I've had some asking me to send money over an app and to do an FFL. I usually as if they are within the state and usually I get out of state responses first. To be honest, Its rather irritating at the fact that they have the audacity to respond and not meet FTF.


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    Jun 28, 2022
    Elmo, Texas
    Absolutely, have fielded these emails since around 2019. Noticed right away the scammer tactics. I can spot them a mile away since I have sold on eBay and Craigslist for decades. They all follow a similar pattern as you show above. I just block their email.
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