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Dec 15, 2019
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I'm sorry to have ruffled some feathers here, and I generally speak my mind, and state my opinions, regardless of whether others agree, or disagree with me.

I'm sure it's possible there are other members here that align themselves with liberal Democrats, and that is entirely their business to think or vote as they please, just as Pauly is. I have not one problem with an opposing opinion, or viewpoint, and Pauly pointed out, that I couldn't handle one. Hogwash! I pointed out his avatar, tag-line and opening post in the Intro Section were done intentionally, to provoke a response, whether good or bad. Seems it did, from what I'm seeing here. If he had picked a different avatar, a different tag-line and just a very generic greeting, and never stating his political affiliation, no one would ever know. But IMO, he wanted us to know. Whether to troll or not, is left to be seen. But I do know from other forums, he followed the same pattern I have seen others like himself do. They never answer direct questions. They deflect, misdirect, or change the entire subject to put the other person on the defensive. Pauly has done exactly that.

For that most part, I was giving him a pretty wide berth after a couple of posts when he first joined, but he decided to quote one of my earlier posts on this thread and drag me back in. I'm done with him and his type. Personally, I hope he stays gone, and finds another forum more suited to his type of mentality and personality.



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