Short Video on Where Your Mask is Made


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Jul 2, 2017
Their second job involves a call center and flow chart.
Too funny...
I got a call the other day.
Heavy Indian accent, knows my name, can barely understand what the hell he’s saying.

Naturally, I assume he’s a scammer and I told him to **** off as I hung up the phone.

Get another call, same number, I’m thinking he’s calling me back?
Game on!

I let loose a small tirade and again hang up.

I get a call a few minutes later, different number but same Houston area code.

I answer this one normally.

It’s someone who speaks perfect English, he works for the property-tax protest service I use.

He asked me why I was rude to the folks calling me, they just wanted to see if I wanted to use them again this year

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May 28, 2008
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That's been posted a couple times before.

Everyone knows it's fake. Not a Chinese in sight.

In reality no worries, they irradiate to sterilize anyway after packaging.
China uses quite a bit of other Asian sweat shop labor. We got a batch of masks that we had to toss because even though they were double bagged and supposedly sterilized, they smelled like someone kept them in their armpit and ran a marathon. It seriously reminded me of being on a Qatar airlines flight from the Middle East back to the states.
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