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May 6, 2008
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About a month or two back at the indoor range, I had a bay about to myself for a while which was great. Old man comes in with a pump action shotgun, and this guy was probably 5'5" and pushing 120 - a small guy. Launched one slug down range and it blew him back a few steps. Wasn't stoked to be right next to him. Fortunately (?), he couldn't seem to rack it by himself, so a range officer helped him figure things out. Pretty sure he paid $20 to fire about 3 shots before leaving. Maybe he was just efficient. Maybe he was in over his head.
Many years ago a buddies father thought he would like to check out my MP5K. I show him the selected lever & charging handle, the run it in semi, bust & finally a dump. From their the same with its suppressor. I brought 500 round figuring to let him have his fill. He shot 30 rounds & was ready to go to lunch.

At lunch he asked about ownership, I explained transferable & Dealer samples. He was really taking back at the cost of transferable (he was a millionaire). About a month later he ask for me to met him for lunch. At lunch he ask what other machine guns I thought were worth having now that he upgraded his FFL to include the SOT.

When his H&K MP7 came in he asked about the optic on my MP5K working of his MP7. After sighting the optic in he might have dumped 15 rounds.

Prior to his SOT he had a FFL & importers license. He formed Euro Gun Imports to import Double Rifles. I think the SOT & FFL was just something else he could do with his son. What was crazy about the double rifles was I was the one who suggested a red dot for his older eyes. Every rifle he had for his personal use I would sight in. More times or not older guys only want to pull the trigger when it counts.

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Sep 29, 2012
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More times or not older guys only want to pull the trigger when it counts.
My dad always had guns, and as a teenager I always had access to them and could target shoot whenever I asked. But I think in my entire life I only ever witnessed him fire about 40 rounds. Total. Two of the pistols I inherited from him had never actually been fired in the 7 years he owned them, except by me.


Nov 4, 2015
3 people come in, set up on pistol side, start shooting. I get on to the sole female in the group about muzzle discipline. A few minutes later guy #2 is aiming way off his target, where he'd be shooting in between supports that hold up a barricade, and tell him to move to the bay that lines up with the target he wants to shoot, and he says something about the lady shot his target, so he'll shoot hers. Briefly glance at her target, dont see any holes, fine, whatever.

He picks up his revolver, and in double action, shoots our table. I kick the two of them out.

All three pack up and leave, guy #1 and the lady come in the front office and complain about getting kicked out, she says she hit her target, ok, go out to her target, see 5 holes, go back and apologize, offer her either a rain check, refund, or let her keep shooting. She starts crying, saying how she doesn't know if she wants to shoot here anymore, how i made her feel like she did something wrong, how she didn't want to leave her friend alone in the car (the guy who shot the table), how she's a new shooter, etc etc

I get booting her too might have been a bit much, but after i apologize and do everything i can to rectify the situation, crying and making excuses isn't going to help your cause, especially when a member of your group is a major safety issue


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Sep 30, 2012
Had a guy recently walk behind our counter and started picking up rifles and looking at them......I called him on it (we have signs employees only behind counter) suddenly I'm a rude SOB and he'll take his $1500.00 elsewhere and If I step outside he'll kick my ass.....asked him to leave and he kept threatening me to the door...........

About 30 minutes later I had taken some trash out and he stopped on the street in his truck and threatened to kick my ass again.......told him if it made him feel like a big man to kick an old man's ass.....have at it.....he drove away.....sometimes I have second thoughts at night if I could have handled things differently with customers....and actually sometimes feel somewhat remorseful.....

He wasn't one of them..........


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