SC-Texas (Sean Cody) has Passed Away


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Sep 27, 2018
Jesus. RIP SC! I hope his family can find peace in this very difficult time

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Das Jared

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Jul 20, 2012
His Facebook page said he graduated from Pearland High School in 1983, so that would put him around 54 years old...
My dad recently had a heart attack within the last year, and is the same age as Sean. Completely plausible. I won’t speculate until we get the facts of the cause, but we can all use this as a lesson regardless to take better care of ourselves as men. I know my dad having his heart attack was a huge eye opener for me.

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Gunny P

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Apr 24, 2018
May his soul rest in peace. Strength and guidance to his family & friends. Goodman, he helped with my trust


Jan 22, 2016
North Houston, Tx
Just FYI guys, for everyone that Sean helped / touched their lives. I'm going to (in the background so his family can deal with things) try to get together a small (**** it, huge) final moment of "silence" send off for him. Anyone who has connections in industry please help me get the word out. I've gotten a green light to do this, as long as it doesn't burden the widow / family. I personally can bring some calibrated sound level meters from a company I rep.

Aiming for early 2020, some range in Houston (or land nearby) where we can touch off giggle switches (obviously controlled and safe).

My idea is a line of suppressed weapons (preferably all subsonic), for 1 final round let loose on a count, followed by a full send. Lunch catered (food, seating, tables etc), speakers (acoustics needed), and vendors for people to "try" out different toys. If anyone knows any company that would be willing to host this, or at least help finance, please let me know.

Basically, I want this memorial to be a huge gathering of fellow enthusiasts for Sean. Donations available for the widow / family as well.
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