WTS/WTT Ruger 10/22s FSOT in Cedar Park


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May 11, 2009
Leander(NW Austin)
Hey y'all,

I've got a few 10/22s for sale. All of these were bought new by me and later customized a bit or stored properly in a climate controlled environment.
Among the rifles for sale...

1 NIB 50years 10/22 in full Mossy Oak Camo finish, asking $375

1 NIB 50years 10/22 in Mossy Oak w/SS barrel, asking $400

1 Gently used 10/22 in Wolf camo w/SS barrel, asking $450

1 New/no box 10/22 w/20" SS Hammer Forged factory heavy barrel in magpul stock with Mueller APV mounted, asking $700

1 Gently used 10/22 w/18" SS Kidd barrel, Hogue stock and Mueller APV mounted, asking $750

All of the out of the box guns have been fully accurized with properly headspaced bolts, clean breaking triggers at or under 3.5lbs, buffers installed, bolt release mods done and some have aftermarket mag releases or charging handles. I am happy to send more details upon request.

A few years ago I went hog wild buying and customizing 10/22s so I do have a fair amount of experince with them and none of these have been bubba'd in any way. No offense if your name happens to be bubba. A few years back I did quite well in the TGT rimfire competition and all of these except the NIB guns have had similar treatment.

I am willing to meet anywhere in the North Austin Area from Cedar Park to Pflugerville. For sale only to legal Texas non-felon residents in a FTF cash transaction. I will send additional pics and info as requested later this next week. I will also respect the pecking order of anyone who communicates interest in order received via PM or response here.

Thanks for looking and take care gents.



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May 28, 2008
Mustang Ridge
Nice. TexMex knows his shit when it comes to tuning a 10/22. If you want one that is rabbit eye accurate at 50 yards right out of the box, this is a great opportunity to get that rifle without the aggravation of doing it yourself
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Aug 21, 2018
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Are any of these takedown rifles?
Nevermind...after re-reading the post and looking more carefully at the pictures, I realize that none of them are takedowns. Still good looking but I've been looking for something that I can take down and transport easily.

Thank you!


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May 11, 2009
Leander(NW Austin)
It has a Simmons 3-9x. I thinks it's the 22 mag series iirc. 32mm objective maintains a nice low profile on the rifle. I can also take a pic with my Lyman trigger pull gauge and post it soon.


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