Round 2??


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Jan 23, 2009
Lastly, my dear well-meaning wife a couple of weeks ago was on the computer when she got a "warning email" from a Norton type company about a virus our computer has and that she should download the free software immediately to protect the computer. I think you can see this coming.....wait for it......patience........the free software WAS the virus. Ugh. I am going to let this one go though; I'm sure she has granted me a pass on past mess-ups as well.
Very wise grasshopper, very wise indeed!!!!


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Mar 17, 2009
That was the most fun I have had at the range all year.
Thanks to all in the DFW crew.

I had the pleasure of shooting a pair of 3.5lb disconnector Glocks; which I loved. I got to shoot a very nice Ruger .44 Mag; thanks to Mo. And I got to shoot a wonderful AR chambered in .45 ACP thanks to USMC!

I guess in the interest of full disclosure and all that junk I should mention that I also shot a "very nice" Hi......alright I can say this.....Hi - Poi........I just can't say it with a straight face or any pride....Hi-Point! Ha! There, I said it. I shot a Hi-Point and I am not afraid to say it. It was Mo's. I think he got it free with Cracker Jack points or something. Or maybe it came in a box of Cheerios. Either way, it did shoot, and rather nicely at that. I just made sure no one was looking!
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