Pros and Cons on Shooters Station


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Sep 14, 2016
OK guys, I went there again today.
My CCP had a problem. I had to see the gunsmith over there to get it fixed. He is a fine young man.
It took him a couple of minutes to fix it. He did not charge me.
I dealt with two of the sales men. Very nice and friendly people, and above all, HONEST.
I am going there next week to shoot my pistols and try to get my Mauser sportized. Please wish me luck :)


Feb 5, 2014
Thread resurrection...

I'm needing to do some 100-yard ammo testing (.22LR) so I'm thinking of making the trek up to Shooters Station for their 100-yard indoor range. Anyone know how busy Sunday mornings are on the 100-yard range?



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Jan 23, 2017
Just letting people know, Shooters Station has recently came under new owners. The shop is being updated. The gun range filtration systems had been upgraded, new lighting systems are being installed, hundreds of new firearms have just came in and now on display.

League shooting events every Wednesday night and Friday morning. LTC classes as well as a number of basic/intermediate/advance classes are being started by both NRA instructors and former SF instructors. Female shooter program is just about to start next month also.

So if your in the area please take a moment to stop by and see some of the changes that have been done the last few weeks.

- Kenn


Mar 11, 2010
Crosby, Texas
Reopening an old thread.........I have shot at Shooter’s Station two times in the last two months, at the GSSF Indoor League matches, and the entire staff was absolutely great. Everyone there was friendly, polite, and helpful. I had never been there before this past June, and I was a bit apprehensive about going there to shoot, after having read this thread. My concerns were unfounded, as all the folks there were great! I had a really good time. If I lived closer, I would be a regular, probably a member. I did not check out their gun prices, so I can not comment on that, but the range is nice, and the staff is awesome!
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