Problems with Houston Shooting Ranges


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Sep 29, 2009
Pearland, TX
I've only known about them for about 5 years. A friend from Friendswood told me about them.
I went back on saturday. They were indeed open. The guy behind the counter was real laid back and personable. I'll definitely be going back.


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Mar 17, 2008
Houston, TX.
I went back on saturday. They were indeed open. The guy behind the counter was real laid back and personable. I'll definitely be going back.
Thanks for the update. I've been tring to go over to Marksman Indoor Range in South Houston, but just haven't been able to get away.


Aug 2, 2009
Klein, TX
Sometimes mistakes are made, it is the nature of dealing with potentially deadly weapons.
Exactly right; these aren't bowling alleys - stupid mistakes can hurt or kill someone. Can you imagine what kind of legal mess it would be for the range if something were to happen? Even if there are no criminal charges, you just know that someone will want to take the business to court for "negligence" or some such thing - it would probably put some ranges out of business just from the legal costs.


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Sep 4, 2009
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I think the greatest problem with many ranges, indoor or out, has to do with several factors. The first being the design of the range from the beginning. Most ranges are not designed for any level of combat practice. They are designed for target shooting, and this works very nicely because most of the people think there is no difference. Unfortunately, that includes the range owners in most cases.

The best ranges I have attended had the typical ranges(target oriented)and a tactical range. On these ranges, these areas are broken down into several areas. You will always have a safety officer in the area, and you will file a plan before you are allowed to use the range. In other words, it is like a flight plan you would file with FAA before you take off. This would be reviewed, to see if it fits within the parameters of the range design/safety rules.

The second most common problem is the lack of knowledge in the different areas of shooting. I know that there are very few people who know everything about firearms, but I know that there are range people who are specialized by discipline. I should be able to go into a range and ask for someone who could assist me with combat, slow fire, or whatever.

The third on the list is the fact that very few ranges will take a person through a basic firearm safety course! This will do two things, one assist to give that new shooter a better foundation, giving them a realistic idea of where they are. Secondly, it will give the range personal an idea of how sound the weapon being fired is. Sometimes it is more than the shooter who is not fit to be around other people when shooting, sometimes it is the weapon itself.



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