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Discussion in 'Texas LTC / CHL' started by leVieux, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Axxe55

    Axxe55 Professional Troublemaker, and Dog Whisperer!

    Dec 15, 2019
    Deep East Texas

    Their reasons to me are irrelevant as to why they prohibit, or restrict carrying. If my carrying isn't welcome, then I feel my wallet is offended!

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  2. BMF500

    BMF500 Matthew 10:34 TGT Supporter

    Aug 21, 2019
    Apparently this applies to archery tools as well at Simon properties.
    Dropped the wife and kids off at Neiman Marcus, I cruise around to Bass Pro to shoot my bow. I shoot for an hour, pack up and head to the food court for a lunch rendezvous with the family. Mall cop sees me carrying the bow case and demands that I leave the building and return my "weapon" to my vehicle. I'm like dude, I don't even have any broadheads.
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  3. BillFairbanks

    BillFairbanks Well-Known

    May 8, 2017
    Johnson County, TX

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  4. leVieux

    leVieux Old Guy "Have Gun; Won't Travel !"

    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Even though Houston is statistically less dangerous than New Orleans, I had three H-town "encounters", one unarmed in late 1980 and two armed in the early 2000's. Armed is much better; didn't even have to draw. One hit with tac-light, strong hand on holstered GLOCK, the other I just shouted "Stop, don't make me draw my weapon!"
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  5. leVieux

    leVieux Old Guy "Have Gun; Won't Travel !"

    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    We frequently OC'd in my native area of SW LA, "ACADIANA", with zero problem. The problems were mostly in Orleans & Jefferson Parishes, plus Ascension Parish. There was an infamous case at Gonzales & Donaldsonville some 20 years back. A local "personality" was arrested, pistol-whipped, jailed, & beaten for O C in a shoppng mall. The Deputies involved were severely reprimanded, fired, and almost sent to prison. The Parish had to pay a large amount to settle the case. This became our "cause celebre" and scared all the other Parishes except Orleans & Jefferson into "schooling" their officers that OC is a RIGHT in Louisiana, never was illegal, and cannot be made illegal by localities or cities. Soon, a NEW State Constitution was passed, with even stronger protections, and statewide pre-emptions were strengthened. Beware, that there was a small "loophole" in that municipalities which had anti-OC rules prior to the late 1960s were allowed to keep and enforce them, so one must stay aware of where they are. OTOH, I haven't heard of these causing trouble in recent years. We the People are awake.

    Meanwhile, the stupid prohibitions against OC & CC in public buildings were left intact, unlike in Texas.

    Many of us just ignore all this for CC except where metal detector screening is used.

    The NFL has instituted a "no firearms policy" for all stadia. In Houston, since most parking is in on-site Astro parking, guarded by HPD, this hasn't been a problem. But for the N.O. SuperDome ("Stupor"Dome), the parking is mostly in extremely dangerous street crime areas, so one can't carry there if entering the stadium.

    The NFL stupidly went even further and stated that active LEO's including local officials, were not allowed to carry inside the SuperDome, unless assigned to guard & police that facility.

    I heard that our Orleans Sheriff and some Federal & State Police Officers planned to openly challenge this, in person, but never heard the results. I left metro N O during that time.

    The presence of those armed LEO's in civilian wear had been citizens' last real protection during those walks.

    The situation with the NOPD was so bad at one time, that they were openly defying two Federal Court Orders. One order told them that they could NOT keep weapons illegally seized from non-criminal citizens; so they were soaking them in salt water vats for a month, then drying & returning the useless hulks.

    Then, to top that, some female NOPD Patrol Officers openly argued that the Judge couldn't order them around.

    Judge Barbier called the offending officers into his court and told them point-blank that the next one caught defying the orders was going to prison. That stopped them, but didn't help their attitudes.

    Now, please don't get the idea that all of their officers are bad, that's not the case. But, as in many departments historically, a few "bad apples"and really BAD politicians egging them on caused the mess.

    For practical purposes, I tell friends with Texas CHL's, CL's, etc. to just do the same as in Texas, but do not argue with any officer.

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  6. Frank59

    Frank59 NO MA'AM!! TGT Supporter

    May 14, 2018
    I remember your story about an incident outside a convenience store in the wee hours of the morning while you were in your work scrubs? Or am i thinking about something else?
  7. leVieux

    leVieux Old Guy "Have Gun; Won't Travel !"

    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Actually early evening and the perp wore a scrub shirt, which threw me off. At the old South Houston "Westbury Hospital" & the next-door Circle K.

    You have a great memory.

  8. Coyote9

    Coyote9 New Member

    Jan 13, 2020
    Granbury Texas
    I carry openly in Granbury when walking the park trail or in snake areas , sometimes I forget and enter stores while armed... not once has anyone mentioned it.
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