OK fellers, what are you prepping for?


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Jun 23, 2014
Living here in Indiana it's hard to imagine the devastation you folks in places like gulf coast Texas face from hurricanes.

Unless you were there you cannot imagine the HORROR STORY that the "after the storm" days of CARLA was. = That was SIXTY YEARS AGO & I can still close my eyes & see how little was left of Cameron Parish where "THE SHE MONSTER" (as we, who lived through her, called Carla) came ashore. = Fwiw, a "call went out" allover AR, MS, OK & TX for all sorts of "needs", including any cloth items that were large enough to cover corpses with.
(I was an EXPLORER SCOUT at the time & even our Explorer Post was one of many organizations that was "called up" for RESCUE, RECOVERY & RESTORATION service. - I spent most of my "State militia service" making sandwiches, brewing/serving coffee, preparing food & carrying messages to "the frontline R&R workers". = To paraphrase an old quote: "They also serve who peel potatoes".)

yours, satx


Feb 9, 2012
On the rare occasion we get a dusting of snow then you see devastation! Rainfall in Houston can cripple the city & is far more common.
LOL! Remembering the year it snowed in San Antonio and the drivers were not doing well.


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Dec 15, 2019
Somewhere....In Texas!
LOL! Remembering the year it snowed in San Antonio and the drivers were not doing well.
I have driven in snow, ice and sleet many times, but in our area of Texas, we very, very seldom get any measure of snow that actually ever sticks, but when it does, I stay off the roads because of all the idiot drivers that don't know how to drive.


Dec 29, 2020
Great Southern Forest of Indiana
My preps for bad weather have served us well through this covid mess, so I guess I could add that I'm prepping for covid or disease related issues as well. Living here in the forest, we don't see anyone other than the occasional trip to town for supplies.
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