No mention of the new Taurus TX22 yet???

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  • AndrewBuda

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    May 5, 2021
    I've got a fullsize and a compact. The full size has 4ish bricks of bulk ammo through it, mostly suppressed. It's as reliable as any other quality .22 pistol I've owned. More reliable than the other high capacity .22s I've got, the Keltec P17 and Sig P322. The compact will probably be the same way, but I've only put 250 rounds through it at this point, all unsuppressed.


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    Feb 27, 2010
    north richland hills, texas
    I purchased a TX22 and I love the gun it is accurate and just a lot of fun to shoot. The 16 round mags are nice but you cannot find any on-line. You can find a lot of 10 round mags on line but 16 is always sold out. I also found out mine does not like CCI Velocitor 22 LR and does not feed it properly. I tried CCI minimag, Stinger, and quick shok and it feeds all the time and very accurate. I called Taurus and asked about the velocitor problem and they haven't heard about that problem the bullet after it tries to load looks like the side caved in.
    The gun is great and fun to shoot and very accurate. I put only about 300 rounds through it but it is cheap enough that I can go at least once a week to shoot. I definitely recommend this gun, but beware it might not like all kinds of ammo.
    Range USA had some last week. I bought 2 for $30 each


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    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Taurus QC in recent years has been very questionable.

    I have owned Taurus’ in the past and had no issues but I seem to be the exception and not the norm.

    Had a 608 and a 605 and never had an issue with either after 1,000s of rounds between the two of them.

    Every Taurus .22 I have seen has had issues. Revolvers seem to just break after less than 1000 rounds and their pocket semi autos jam more than they go bang( and that is using a variety of ammo in them)

    I will wait and see what this one does.

    I’ve had three and found them excellent. . . . . . .

    Much unlilke Kimber !



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    Feb 21, 2021
    Allen, Texas
    My TX has fired everything I've put in it, except some trash Federal stuff that was unreliable even in a bolt action Remington rifle.....
    It just cycles everything, even sub-sonic. I don't think I've tried CCI's "quiet" ones, but everything else just works.
    Accuracy is fairly good to pretty good.....
    I probably have only 500-600 through it, but so far? Excellent.


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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.
    Checked out the target/optic version at the LGS the other day.
    Seemed pretty solid. Might get one.
    Already have a standard version and it runs very well.
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