New Spiderco came home with me

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    Jun 5, 2021
    I have a Para2 that I beat on like it owes me something. It was a gift from a great client when I moved to Texas. I love it.

    I would love a Para3 as they are a bit smaller and given that I am a REALTOR and not a warrior, the size reduction would be nice. I would grab one with the G10 scales. Although the FRN handles are light, I don't like the feel in hand.
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    Jan 23, 2019
    Pipe Creek


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    Sep 10, 2012
    Spyderco are good knives. I got me a Native 5 around the same time as I got my Benchmade. Never once carried the BM knife; always carry the Spyderco. I used to think the hole in the blade looked stupid, but I must say, it’s handy as hell. By far my favorite
    I bought a Benchmade the 1st or 2nd year they were out. Lost in a pasture in N. TX and went to Spyderco since they were a bit less proud of their knives. The Spyderco has a longer lasting edge in my opinion. Takes a bit longer to sharpen, but worth it. The Benchmade would get nice and sharp, but didn’t hold the edge. That was probably 25 years ago and I don’t remember what steel they used. The VG 10 on my Spydercos has been good.


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    Feb 11, 2019
    Hays County
    If I leave the house my Endura 4 goes with me. I think about retiring it...but then I don't. If I do, the Para 3 is on the short list. I'm not a knife collector but I wouldn't mind owning a Microtech Ultratech or something similar. Those OTF Microtechs just drip coolness.
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