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Mar 23, 2020
Dripping Speings
Hi! Just stopping by to introduce myself. Family and I moved to Dripping Springs back in March and I work in downtown Austin.

Originally from Baja, Mexico but have been living in CA for the last 18 years. Very happy to have left CA especially during this pandemic. Overall we are loving Tx, the people, sights, religious beliefs, and the general feeling of freedom.

Ordered my first gun as a Tx resident and waiting for it to arrive. Local shops didn’t have it or weren’t keen on helping me (see first post).

Looking forward to settling in, hitting the range, and helping keep Texas red!!

John Galt

Mar 17, 2020
Welcome to Texas and to TGT. Have they given you an ETA for that first gun? My understanding is that guns in general just aren't out there. Folks are buying them up faster than the manufacturers can make them and the wholesalers and suppliers have now empty warehouses.
Not trying to rain on your parade. I truly hope you get your firearm in a timely fashion. Then post pics in


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Feb 1, 2010
Welcome aboard. I've done some fishing in San Quintin. Enjoyed it down there.
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