Massive Explosion in Beirut


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Feb 19, 2015
The glass exploded from the shock wave resulting from the detonation.

This is similar to the Texas City explosion (Grandcamp and High Flyer) and the West fertilizer plant explosion.

Ammonium nitrate when heated can reach a liquid state. And in this state, it can detonate (not the same as an explosion). The detonation is much more severe than an explosion. The shock wave propagates at supersonic speed. Appears this happened in Beirut.


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Jul 23, 2011
Little Elm
I can see needing that much fertilizer for all the farm land in the city.

Right. I'll bet some Israeli agent helped to dispose of that shit before it could b err used for "other than Fertilizer" uses. If not they are all saying "I wish I thought of that."


Aug 27, 2009
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From a buddy who knows his shit...
"I just watched the videos of the blast and the bigly reddish/orange cloud; Some commercial/mining explosives (particularly Ammonia Nitrate) produce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) when detonation occurs. This typically results in a reddish or orange cloud when mass amounts of Ammonia Nitrate are detonated (large surface detonation). There's also some commercial chemicals that when in involved in a fire/explosion produce NO2 and the same cloud colors (red/orange)."


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Dec 15, 2019
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It sure is. I am a little surprised that the building next to it is still (mostly) standing. Those two ships are still afloat, too.
No joke! It did have lots of damage though. I wonder if the blast wave moved those ships?
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