Marine Corps fields first new service pistol in 35 years


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Jan 9, 2013
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What if it goes bang when it's not supposed to?
I have a P320, i think it's an X5 Legion? .... it's been sitting in a bag inside my bob for a month or so...full mag, 1 in the chamber.

Despite my making fun of it, not shooting it in hopes it will be jealous of the other guns, literally tossing my bob onto multiple surfaces of various degrees of hardness, it hasn't so much a had a non-human-induced-squib, let alone a full 'accidental' firing.

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Mar 5, 2018
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I have never seen that but, then again, I've never looked. Why would anyone do that? Don't tell me people pay more than $400 or so for those old things; they're nothing special.

Side note - My sister still carries a Gen 1 G17. It's been her carry gun since the 1990s when she bought it used for a good price. She sees no reason to change.
They can go for more. Does she still have the tupperware? Those can go for lots of money by themselves.


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They can go for more. Does she still have the tupperware? Those can go for lots of money by themselves.
Yeah, the Gen 1 Glocks are actually pretty desirable to collectors. There weren't that many of them made, especially compared to the production numbers of the later gens. I don't know what they're worth now, but a Gen 1 G17 in good but used condition was worth around $900 a few years ago. A NIB one was worth about $1500.

Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean it doesn't have value. There's a collector's market for just about everything.

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Jul 1, 2008
I'm glad to see them going with the M18 instead of the larger M17. I never understood why the military goes for the largest 9mm pistols they can get (Beretta M9, Glock 17, etc.) A pistol is more of a badge of rank or an emergency backup than a primary fighting tool. It shouldn't take up too much space or weight on the more than a M4 mag pouch. I think something in the size range of the M&P 1.0 Subcompact would be a better fit for the military than the larger pistols.



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