Local bank or credit union recommendations?


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Apr 20, 2020
My wife and I need to break down and get a new banking institution. Currently our accounts are with our old credit union in the PNW, and with US Bank which does not have a presence anywhere near Houston. I've had accounts with Wells Fargo and Chase before, and aside from liking Chase's fraud department's proactivity - I don't feel a burning urge or desire to go back to banking with either of those institutions. I like smaller, local banks or credit unions more, as you also tend to get friendlier service.

We have a Prosperity Bank and Wood Forest bank close by in town, but I'm open to other suggestions if there are good alternatives.

Its getting annoying dealing with everything remotely - wife's employer doesn't offer direct deposit, so she gets a paper check every Friday. We can deposit it online with our old credit union, but sometimes it takes a while for deposits to show up. There's also the inability to conveniently access cash when necessary.

I have a credit card thru Capital One, but the closest Cap One Bank branch is in The Woodlands and is damn near a 40-45 minute drive away, depending on traffic. Something in Old Magnolia or Tomball would be ideal.
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