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Jun 23, 2014
To All,

When I NEEDED some +P 9x19mm JHP 124 grain ammo for my new ZIGANA K & could find NONE, a longtime member of the forum shipped 2 boxes/100 rounds to me FREE.
(Absent his consent, I will NOT tell you who that was BUT to quote my lady, "He is a PEACH of a fellow.")

Fwiw, I ordered 5 boxes/250 rounds of +P 9x19mm over 6 weeks ago & it still is on back-order. from a MAJOR ammo vendor.

yours, satx


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May 2, 2015
I just bought 4 boxes of 44 mag online for the new Henry rifle I bought. Also 4 boxes of heavy 9mm 147 grain for my silenced weapon. Easy enough to find online but not for a decent price. These two weren't that bad though and I will reload.
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