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  • PulledAmmo

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    Jul 31, 2022
    Columbus, Texas
    We sell primed brass and bullets for re-loaders. Below is the cost of the primed brass and bullet to be reloaded by you. We ship on order over $100 or come by and shop in person, we are in Columbus TX. We will price beat anyone anywhere just let us know.

    32 Win Special 2.50/rd
    35 Rem 3.50/rd
    204 Ruger. .95/rd
    22 Rem Jet .55/rd
    270 Win .75/rd
    264 Win Mag 2.00/rd
    300 Savage. 2.50/rd
    300 Win Mag. .95/rd
    300 Rem Mag 1.75/rd
    348 Rem 5.00/rd
    375 HH 2/rd
    338 Win Mag 4.50/rd
    43 Mauser 5.00 / rd. Antique rounds with paper patches are 25.00 each.
    404 Jeffery 5 / rd
    44-40 200grn soft point WIN nickel brass .60/rd
    7MM STW 140grn 3/rd
    7MM Weatherby Mag 2.00/rd

    We have 100+ rounds of all of the calibers listed above. Most if not all of our brass has never been fired before. Message for pics or ask about any other caliber.


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