Inherited 50 guns

Huge amount of helpful friendly knowledge to be had here.

Blue Book is a good starting point for prices.
Also, look at and enroll for free and look at the advanced area for actual sold-prices rather than the often unrealistic asking prices.

If your screen name here is an indication that you're a female you have an additional challenge.
Meeting guys in parking lots to exchange IDs and cash and guns is a bit frightening in the real world.
I've done it and even as a male who was always accompanied by a buddy or son it can be unnerving to say the least.

If you want to be highly efficient I'd suggest enlisting a knowledgeable friend or two and setting up at a gun show and ask moderate prices and don't be quick to make bargain deals. I've seen a couple of estates moved that way.
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Howdy and welcome.

The last young lady in a similar position was able to sell just about everything she wanted to part with to this crowd. Knowledgeable folks who know lots of values turned into fair prices for all involved. Everyone went away happy.
You should have seen the vultures circling at the reunion, ok, I was one of them. I believe she was extremely happy she went to that reunion.

From what I saw, none of us were out to take advantage. She got fair prices and the guys got good deals. At least give us a chance to see what you have, please!


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Feb 19, 2015
What gun store pays wholesale? In over 50 years I've never seen one.

I'm not dinging gunstores but they make money on used guns when they buy. Probably about 30 percent of the value, some less and a good relationship with the store will help. Then again personal relationships with local buisness seems to have died in the walmart era, that's a rant for a different thread.

Anyways, They have huge overhead and only make a few bucks a piece on new guns. They gotta survive.
Wholesale, not retail.

Gunstores buy at wholesale (e.g., cheap) and sell at retail (e.g, expensive).


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Wholesale, not retail.

Gunstores buy at wholesale (e.g., cheap) and sell at retail (e.g, expensive).

That's not exactly what wholesale means.

Wholesale refers to a buisness buying, usually in bulk, at a discount for resale. That discount is a set percentage depending on the deal. Customarily 20 to 30 percent etc. Usually referring to new products weather buying someone's inventory out or direct from manufacturers.

Gun stores, the vast majority of the time, pay less than 50 percent and usually less than 40 percent. So when I asked what gun store pays wholesale that's what I'm referring to. Cheap? Absolutely. Wholesale? Rarely. I guess the 2 terms can be interchangeable at times.

In any event selling guns to a gun store should be considered a last option if getting a fair market price is the goal


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Depending on where you are in San Antonio, I may be able to help you out with at least getting pictures taken and posting them up here once you get enough posts to do so. Of course if it's something I can price, I'll surely help you do that as well. I just can't say for certain that I can do that without seeing what you actually have. I will PM you my contact info and we can see if that is possible.
That is a good offer. We rag on Southpaw, a lot, but he is a good guy.

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My recommendation is to first catalog everything, pictures of each firearm, serial numbers, and condition as best you can tell. Many sellers when they post firearm serial numbers don't include the last numbers and do something like 1234XXX. I don't know the true value of this. If you have boxes and manuals, make sure you save them with each gun as they increase the value of the sale. It is very easy to be taken advantage of when you are a rookie so just realize that you don't have to rush into anything. Hopefully some kind member knowledgeable in firearms that is local will help. Good luck with the sale. Remember that there are laws about selling a gun that you must comply with. Don't get in trouble. Aside from you might also look on


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Might want to update your insurance for a month or two.
Be aware of who is watching if you're moving the rifles.


Also, guns are not typically covered under a regular home insurance policy.


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