I’m about to dip into the world of Sig P320. Is it worth it?

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  • innominate

    Asian Cajun
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    Jan 3, 2010
    Thank you, I'll take a look. I am a bit younger, I like a little weight in my pistols, I find it is easier to hold sights on target, a lite weapon, for me, tends to be all over the place.
    I have a 320 axg classic. The axg's grips are metal instead of plastic. I never liked the regular 320 when I handled it. The axg balances well for me. They are more $ than a standard 320. Mine was an impulse buy. I was looking for something else when I saw the classic. It looked good, handled well and it is red dot ready. I was looking to try a red dot on a pistol. I shoot it well. I just need to take her to the range now that I finally put the red dot on her.


    You had one job, one.
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    Jul 5, 2018
    Kaufman County
    I haven’t shot the P320. But I have owned shot and sold multiple p226 and one 2022. I find sigs to feel top heavy or unbalanced. Not sure why but I don’t like their slides at all. To tall maybe? As for customer service I’ve had good luck both times I had to deal with them. Had issues with a first run Sig 522 and rust was preset on only one of my p226 where the finish had worn down.
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