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  • Big J

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    Feb 9, 2010
    Karnes City Texas
    I recently purchased a easy Trust from the Silencer Shop. I would like to take advantage of your easy payment plan on a suppressor that you stock. How to I start the process to purchase from you? Do I just take you a copy of my trust and a down payment to your store? Or is there more steps?


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    Jan 15, 2012
    At Capitol Armory, they offer to keep a copy of my trust on file.

    This weekend, I ordered a 300 stripped lower, registered and engraved as a 9" SBR.
    Added to the cart, filled out payment info and submitted.

    I think Torrey will send me a pdf to sign, scan and return ... all done over the web.

    It was that easy.


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    Dec 10, 2013
    Cedar Park
    Mitchntx - Thank you for your order and continued support! You are correct, since you purchased an SBR we will need one other item from you; signatures on your Form 4. We will send you details via email shortly.

    If you are purchasing a suppressor or AOW with a Trust, we need two things:

    1) An order
    2) Your executed trust

    If you are buying a suppressor or AOW with a Trust, we do not need signatures up front. You can purchase online, over the phone or in store. When you buy online and our system determines you are a TX resident, we automatically add the $200 ATF tax to your cart. We do not charge a fee for collecting your $200 tax. After the order is made, you immediately receive your SN#s via email and TX residents are prompted to upload or email their trust. If you do not have an electronic copy available, you can mail it and we will scan it for future use. For your convenience and unless notified not to, we keep a copy of your Trust on file so you can skip step #2 for future purchases. When the Form 4s are approved we can ship the suppressor to your residence if you have a valid TX CHL.

    If you elect to pay by Easy Pay, we file the Form 4s upon receipt of your Trust. With Easy Pay, you pay off the NFA item while it's pending with the ATF. Form 4s are running 90-120 days so most clients have paid off or have one payment remaining when their Forms are approved.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through TGT, phone, email or PM. We try to be very accessible.

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