how to clear live round stuck in barrel


Mar 31, 2018
I had a round I bought at a gun show ( cause it was pretty cheap ) that stuck in my CZ 75 barrel. I can't tell if the primer fired or not, I'm not a re-loader so I'm not sure. It's indented but not like the ones I fired from the same box.
Anyway what is the best way to clear the round out of the barrel if it is live?
Can I drive it back safely?
It's not a live round if stuck in your barrel.


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Jan 6, 2021
I see this is an old thread just wanted to add my 2 cents, I've been shooting for over 40 years, shot in competition. A couple years ago I had a new S&W Shield, when I went to clear it a round was stuck in the chamber. Never had that happen before, it freaked me out, I was going to shoot it into the ground in the backyard but thought no. Called S&W they said take it to local PD to clear it, then S&W issued a return ticket. I took it to shooting range I go to and he cleared it in the back room. I asked how he did it, he said brute force working the action.


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Dec 10, 2020
Not where you are
Wooden dowel and a few taps.
Will usually dislodge an unfired or a squib rd.

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