how fast is your ccw draw and hit?


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Jan 13, 2020
Granbury Texas
I knew a gal in Colorado who could draw and fire her SA Colt hit three targets before I could hit one. She was the World Champion Quick Draw Shooter.. but DAMN!!! ;)
Shows what practice and muscle memory can achieve.
I have enjoyed this thread.. lot's of wisdom and some humor.. THANKS guys!

(and no I am not slow and have won some competitions myself-though not quick draw McGraw nor Deputy Dog she was just that good)

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Sep 5, 2019
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Let me ask this, how many gunfights, in this century (and not those in movies or in TV shows) can anyone here document wherein the shooters tried to outdraw each other. If confronted by someone drawing a gun or already having one out are you going to stand 10 feet (the distance given by the OP) away from your antagonist and then try to outdraw him to get in the first shot like in a western movie or are you gong to do something else? While standing your ground and drawing may be the only option in some extremely rare instances, there are often better options. For me, among my first actions, while drawing, are that: I am moving, seeking and going to cover, assessing, shooting if necessary when I can shoot. To even think, as the OP thinks, you are going to stand there like you do and are only allowed to do at the firing line, at most public ranges, shows you the probable mentality of the OP - juvenile and little, very little, experienced. Don't fall into his trap by thinking that his way is the way to do it. Standing your ground and speedily & properly drawing is great if your only option, and may rarely be the only way to do it, but do not stand there waiting for the other guy to shoot you if you can avoid standing there facing one another toe to toe, western shootout style, so to speak. I bring this up now, even though I realize he was banned because I would hate to think anyone took his advice as being from a serious poster who posted a serious topic with any real experience and knowledge of the subject.


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Sep 2, 2020
NE Orygun
1. Pay attention to your surroundings. According to John Correia of Active Self Protection evidence based analysis and training: paying attention buys you time, and time buys you options. Given enough time, one option is GTFO.
2. Notice people in your space or entering your space and pay attention to pre-attack indicators. If one recognizes those indicators, one can
B. Pre-stage your own draw
C. Move to cover
D. Be first to the draw
3. Once the BG (Bad Guy) has the drop on you, it is generally a bad idea to draw against the drop (a drawn gun)
A. Compliance is an option (this may or may not work, but it's your choice)
B. Wait your turn. If the perp looks away, a one second draw can score the first hit (and the first to make a good hit generally wins). If the perp turns head and shoulders away, a 2 second draw can score the first hit.
C. Even an unarmed defender can win if the BG turns away and the defender has the skillz to do a disarm.
4. Know your state's laws regarding use of deadly force.
5. Don't follow a BG, for one thing they may have friends you didn't see.

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