Has anyone seen Federal Punch 22WMR ammo around?

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  • Moonpie

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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.
    Want to try this stuff in a couple of my .22magnums.
    Can't find it anywhere, even on-line.

    Any chance you've seen some at a LGS or store somewhere?

    I'll even buy private purchase.


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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cut N Shoot
    Wait, you’ve got 22Magnums left?

    Seriously though, it’s unavailable to back order, so I wonder if it’s still in production.


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    Dec 16, 2011
    I did see some a while back at the Academy in Cedar Park. It's been awhile a couple of months I think, but I'm passing by there later this evening and if they have some I'll snag a couple of boxes for you.


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    May 10, 2021
    I don't live in Texas.

    I have not seen or bought any of that Federal PUNCH brand 22wmr ammunition.

    My husband did see some of it though at MURDOCH'S in Missoula, MT some time ago.

    He did not buy any. We have never shot it at all. He just came home from the gym and his walk and I asked him.

    I did read about it online in the past.

    My husband and I have plenty of 22lr and 22wmr ammunition on hand.

    Federal, Winchester, CCI and I think (?) one other brand but the name escapes me now.

    We have 2 boxes of HORNADY Critical Defense 22wmr ammo left too.

    I did notice when I checked for something ONLINE about RF ammo that was IN STOCK at our LOCAL STORES for pick up that many STORES here in MT were OUT of 22wmr.

    I was just looking to see what the MARKET was doing for IN STOCK - LOCAL BUYING and at prices due to INFLATION.

    We do not order jack squat online for RF or CF ammo or for his reloading supplies (NOT for a long time as in MANY YEARS and then it was only for some good 45-70 Government BRASS.) but my husband does VISIT several gun stores here in this college town on and off.

    He does visit Selway sometimes since they have a store here in town. They do a LOT of online stuff and you could LOOK them up. SELWAY ARMORY.

    When he stocked up in 22wmr - it was slow but sure. Usually in the spring, summer or fall you can find 22wmr in the stores.

    They do special 'runs' making 22wmr ammo as they do with other cartridges in various ammunition companies.

    Even with CF = 30-30 Winchester or 45-70 Government ammo. Etc.!

    He got a BUNCH of 22wmr ammo at Bob Ward's - Southgate Mall here in Missoula, MT. This was some time ago.

    He found some at Murdoch's and a SMALL AMOUNT at Walmart - Mullan Road off of Reserve Street and at the second Walmart on Route 93 going towards Lolo, MT.

    I think (?) but NOT IN SEVERAL YEARS that he may have bought some 22wmr ammo at SW and at Cabela's here in town but he usually does NOT BUY 22wmr or 22lr ammo THERE since it COSTS MORE MONEY for the same EXACT product most of the time. I have NO clue what is there right now (Today!) for price or in stock even though I did LOOK this up around Christmas time and not too long ago again. Typos!

    Have you looked at SCHEELS dot com online? They had some 22wmr in stock but I do not know if it is what you want - PUNCH. They have a newer store here in this town too. ADDED more.

    I did find a good price for my husband's .380 FACTORY AMMO at Scheels. He reloads but not for his .380 pistol.

    We have NOT bought any 22wmr recently.

    I hope that you can find it LOCALLY and support a small or large store in your area.

    I do KNOW that our 2 Walmart stores in Missoula, MT do sell CCI and a couple of other brands in 22wmr and NOT only in 22lr. It WAS hit and miss there for IN stock product and still is from what I gather.

    Best wishes to you.


    Typos and added more.

    PS: Call and ask FEDERAL about their PUNCH 'runs' and when it will be in stock. Timeline.
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    May 10, 2021

    When I ordered that 45-70 brass years ago - I got to speak to a human being on the telephone for the order.

    I didn't order it off of our home computer due to fraud and other issues even though I have virus - security stuff on my computer.

    I have NEVER ordered off of a home computer or done an online order on any computer. My husband has not done that too.

    I ALWAYS speak to a human being at the REAL PLACE while LOOKING AT THE SPECIFIC PRODUCT ONLINE while I have them on the telephone. Midway was the store.

    They (Midway.) stopped accepting checks and only took 'cards' from what I remember. It was some new policy of theirs and they decided to punish ALL people, good people - long time customers of theirs, and not just the people who wrote/write bad checks.

    But my husband wanted that specific BRASS and I wanted a GIFT for him and to make him happy!

    So I told him to get a GIFT CARD - Visa cash/gift card from our bank to be on the safe side due to all of the CRAZY HACKING and other stuff going on in this country.

    I have NO clue what the POLICY is now when it comes to Midway since we will not buy from them any longer.

    We will continue to buy locally 99.9% of the time to keep JOBS and stores here in town.

    Even though I used a VISA gift - cash card bought at one of our GOOD local banks - it got hacked between 3 places or with one or more PROCESSORS!

    Or VISA had a hack with Meta Bank - they make those VISA gift - cash cards which I never found out the truth THERE but I did get THE MONEY BACK. IT WAS EASY TO PROVE that we were right, 100% honest, our orders, our receipts and with our shipping!

    We only used it for 3 places with human beings taking our orders.

    LL Bean - Maine. NEVER ONE ISSUE WITH THEM ever.

    Buck Knives - direct to the factory and store in Idaho not some goofy link ONLINE. A special order of NICE kitchen knives.

    Midway - original place for the BRASS.

    THREE places and the products came in okay but the BRASS TOOK some time to get here - back ordered.

    We had the VISA GIFT/CASH card hacked and the hacker or HACKERS aka the CRIMINAL or criminals USED IT and came from places in DUBAI (NO kidding!), New York, Ohio, CA, Netflix - we have never had that THING or even heard of some of the stores that were on that LIST.

    But DUBAI in the MIDEAST - I could not believe it but I fought it and got PRINT OUTS on all of it from my BANK!

    I hounded 'Meta Bank' with DETAILED and certified letters, copies/dates, and personal telephone calls who makes VISA gift/cash cards for many BANKS, CREDIT UNIONS and for many other stores ALL over the nation and world. The man who I spoke to in FLORIDA barely spoke English. I did NOT get any customer service out of DE or the Dakotas (SD?) or wherever their HQ was/is.

    I was on my BANK too. Visa is supposed to be backed as a cash/gift card = #1, as a credit card and as a debit card.

    There were even pizza places in NY and so forth.

    Macy's to you name it.

    Tons of places all over the nation and the world were shopped at and the $1,000. card was MISSING several hundred dollars on the remaining balance.

    So if some place does not want our cash or a check, if need be, we will do without.

    Visa made it good but it took some time. And to think that we did all of this to PROTECT OURSELVES when it came to a card, our GOOD history and our MONEY.


    NO more.

    And that was a FIRST for us when it came to a Visa cash gift card bought from a GOOD BANK and not from some hanging rack where they DO GET HACKED or stolen from at many, many small and large stores of all types!

    From the bank's safe to us at the counter.

    So IF you do an ONLINE ORDER - no matter how many times that you used them and trusted them with NO - ZERO problems - be careful - things are even WORSE NOW than several years ago.

    Take care!

    Old Lady Cate
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