Gun shows soon??


May 2, 2015
I have yet to see a decent deal on a firearm in a pawn shop!

I still can't get over the one that told me the Romanian AES-10 they had was "new" (it clearly was a parts build) therefore the price was "non-negotiable!" :laughing::laughing::laughing:

To be honest, half the time I am surprised the serial number isn't scratched off! :eek::eek::eek:

They are there at times, but you have to be looking. Point was to see and hold guns. Buy if the deal is good maybe. Pawn shops aren't the only ones telling stories out there. Everyone has one.


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Feb 26, 2020
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There will be one here in the big town of Fredericksburg December 19 and 20. Parking is free, but there is an entry fee, and you can visit THE Hill Country destination, only 90 minutes or so from Austin. Let the girlfriend wonder the shops downtown, you hit the gun show (takes about an hour to see it all) and then the brewery for a few cold ones. Have as good German Lunch at the Auslander.

Try this site on the interweb

Worth the drive for a good German lunch and some cold brews.

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Dec 15, 2019
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Pawn shops can be hit or miss on good deals on guns. At one time we had two pawn shops, one usually always had the newer and more expensive guns, and would charge new prices for them. You could actually get a better deal in a real gun store.

The other one, was a bit older, dingier, and actually had much more and a better selections and lots of oddball stuff. They would actually wheel and deal on guns. I bought quite a few that I got some really great deals on there.

Pretty much depends on the pawn shop and the owners.


Jan 19, 2020
Houston Area
Although not in the Austin area you could make a nice date weekend in the Houston area and go to the Houston Gun Collectors show. I think in 2021 it will be in Humble on Valentines weekend.

I use to go to the one at Reliant or NRG, or whatever it was called. There is always a good variety of new and old guns and accessories to browse through.

Will you get a good deal, likely not. According to your original post though you mainly wanted to browse and look anyway.

So come on down to Houston (or Humble in this case) and make a day of it.


Jan 18, 2011
While I don't think there are always great buys at gun shows these days, sometimes they are worth the price of admission in getting a chance to at least check out something that you might want to buy down the road. But in these covid days, I don't go the first day of the shows we have in Kerrville. I wait until early afternoon on Sunday when the crowds are smaller. Kerrville does have a gun show coming up this weekend. I will probably be there on Sunday as my step-daughter has some piece of jewelry in mind she needs and knows the vendor will be there. Still, I have seen a few reasonable deals on guns in the last couple of shows I attended.


Dec 9, 2011
Gatesville, TX
I gave up on gun shows here in Texas.

1. Admission cost
2. Paid parking in some places
3. Don’t allow LTC
4. Mediocre selection
5. High prices usually


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Apr 20, 2008
I would not recommend you waste your time going to gun shows these days. Mostly a bunch of overpriced stuff with people trying to sell guns and ammo at highly overpriced levels to see if they catch some desperate people willing to pay ridiculous prices.
Exactly...went to the SAXET show in San Antonio this past weekend and was surprised at the inflated prices found on some weapons and especially ammo. My enjoyment came from just walking around the venue and looking at the wares.

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Aug 30, 2010
Hey Y’all!

pretty brand new to this forum, not sure the correct place to post this but would like some insight!

I’m from a SMALL town in northern Minnesota (think population sub 400) so never grew up around any gun shows even remotely close to me.Have always wanted to go to one and think it would be fun thing to do for my girl and I.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some recommendations as to the best gun shows in the area? Preferably being one that’s coming up in December/Jan/Feb and relatively close drive from Austin.


EDIT: I don’t plan to buy there, just looking for a good show with a wide selection so I can browse my options and actually get to see something in person before I buy (I usually buy my guns online)
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This weekend there are several fairly close by. Belton is so-so. Fredericksburg, and Kerrville are a bit further, but close to each other and well worth the drive. And darn nice drive for newcomers into the Texas Hill Country.

You'll not find deals on the hot guns of the day or on ammo, but at least there will be many there to see and buy.


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Nov 24, 2019
Austin TX
If you've never been to a gun show, I'd say the $8ish admission price is worthwhile. At the very least you'll be able to handle some guns without the pressure of a salesman at the counter of a local gun store. I went to the New Braunfels show last year and one of the larger vendors had a nice display of all the brands they carried, so I was able to actually check out a bunch of CZ's and HK's that I had never seen in person. At least you'll get an idea of which guns do or don't feel right for you.



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