Former NRA CFO Wilson “Woody” Phillips Ripped Us Off & Now Owes Back Millions

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  • DougC

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    Feb 22, 2021
    Read more at AmmoLand Blog.

    As dedicated NRA supporters, we know it’s maddening to witness the betrayal from within our own ranks. The latest news reveals the agreed-upon settlement that Wilson “Woody” Phillips, the former CFO of the NRA, confessed to unethical conduct, further deepening the trust issues we’ve had with the organization’s leadership.

    • Phillips was accused of approving invoices for LaPierre’s private jet flights to the Bahamas;
    • facilitating payments to contractors owned by LaPierre’s friends;
    • and allowing an arrangement through which the NRA paid back its longtime advertising agency, Ackerman McQueen, for travel, makeup and other expenses it covered for LaPierre and his wife.
    • He was a key player in hiding Wayne LaPierre’s outrageous spending from the NRA’s internal controls.
    • LaPierre, with Phillips’ assistance, misused millions of dollars on luxury travel, and even yacht trips. This was money meant to protect our Second Amendment rights, not fund their extravagant lifestyles
    We need to reclaim our organization from these corrupt individuals and ensure our contributions are used to fight for our rights, not to bankroll the lavish lifestyles of a few dishonest leaders. It’s time for a thorough cleanup and a return to the principles that made the NRA a powerful defender of the Second Amendment. Let’s demand accountability and integrity from those who represent us.

    Now, Phillips is facing the consequences. He’s been banned from managing any not-for-profit’s finances in New York for the next ten years and owes $2 million in damages to the NRA. This settlement spares him from participating in the trial’s second phase but does little to restore our trust.

    And from the AP wire service more on this story.


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