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May 28, 2008
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If you think someone is running sock puppet accounts, hit the report button.

However, I would like to point out that the account banned earlier in this thread was Car 54, not Car54.
I would have thought that would not be allowed( having a name that is exactly like another member’s name but separated by only a space) I can see why SW changed his name.


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Jul 31, 2011
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I would have thought that would not be allowed( having a name that is exactly like another member’s name but separated by only a space) I can see why SW changed his name.

There used to be at least one other Younggun on the forum, but slightly different spelling. Don’t remember the details, but it would confuse me from time to time. Wasn’t aware when I made my account.

We also used to have a RobertC and a RobertC1024.

I can see something like Car54 popping up twice.

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Nov 22, 2011
Fooled me too....
Actually, he didn't fool anybody.

The staff all knows that Car54, Car 54, and SW Guy are all the same person. I feel a bit sorry for misdirecting y'all when I pointed out the difference between Car54 and Car 54...but I thought I had good reasons to do so. It's up to you to decide what you think of that but I'll stand by my decision to proceed as I did.

For some reason, this person signed up over a year ago and was mostly quiet. Then, out of the blue, he created a new account to act like a complete asshole and got it banned in ~4 days. Around here, that's hard to do. We tend to be too tolerant of various shenanigans because we know that the purpose of the forum, ultimately, is to facilitate those in-person meet-ups that we all love. It's tough to be too much of an asshole towards people with whom you have shaken hands. Except for posting porn or blatantly racist material or robotic spam, that's a very fast ban.

We didn't want to tip him or anyone else off that we knew all his usernames because I foolishly argued to give him the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because some forum users like to create a throwaway account to see just how much they can act up before they get disciplined. Mostly, folks like that will see that there are limits, let their asshole account get banned, then go back to their main account and stay within the accepted norms of the community.

"Accepted norms," by the way, includes understanding or at least ignoring forum conventions like our running jokes, etc. The "What round for...?" joke, for example, isn't a threat to anyone or anything. It's a joke. It's all over this board in hundreds of posts and is obviously not a real threat to anyone. If a member actually thinks (or pretends to actually think) it's a contravention of the rules against threatening people, then that person doesn't "get" this place or is being willfully ignorant.

Now, if that same someone were to have the unmitigated gall as to try to get this thread removed by quoting the rule against threats and telling the mods they should delete this thread, all in an apparent effort to shove their bad behavior down a memory hole, then that person has learned nothing of the way this place works.

It works well. It creates a community of people who see each other, face to face, and become friends.

Anyone who can't see that is seriously impaired in the way they deal with the world and we certainly don't need them on this forum.

So, SW Guy/Car 54/Car54 - I tried to give you a chance and the first thing you did was be a complete jerk via (I believe knowing) misuse of the Report button. In the space of just a couple of days, you made me look like a fool to the other staff members and squandered the second chance you had been given. So you can find another online home; this one is closed to you.

**** you, asshole.

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