Displaying a bumper sticker?


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May 19, 2009
Republic of Texas
In today’s climate, I don’t want to polarize any persons view of me or my vehicle before I meet them. Too many triggers nowadays, and the rule book seems biased towards the liberals not getting in trouble for say burning your car...

My favorite from years ago was “I am for Whirled Peas”...


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Jul 31, 2011
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Wow.....all I've got to say is there's a whole lot of "what if" fear being shown......

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I prefer not to stand out in general. Not so much a “what if” fear. More of a “Don’t look twice”. I live far enough out of town it’s unlikely there is any risk at all to something happening at my house. And my truck is old enough to have a steel body so it won’t dent easily if I ever need to force my way out of a bad situation. Also 4wd in case the road suddenly gets slick.

I have been considering putting a large blue line across the window. Others have been removing them (out of fear) but I think it sends the wrong message. Never bothered before because it seemed like kind of a virtue signal but these days the vocal tiny minority seems to be giving the wrong impression of what most people want.

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