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DFW TSRA-PAC Fundraiser NFA 2-Gun Match

Discussion in 'TSRA' started by TXDARKHORSE361, Aug 28, 2014.


    TXDARKHORSE361 Moderator Moderator

    May 15, 2012
    I got an email from the TSRA about a fundraising 2-Gun match that is NFA friendly in the DFW area, I won't be making it so passing the word along, here's the details.

    FIRST and Maybe Annual
    2-GUN Class 3 MATCH

    Saturday, September 20th
    DFW area

    ~ Come to Play or Come to Watch~

    What to Bring to the Match:
    Firearms, Magazines, Holster, Magazine Pouches, Ammo (50-rounds handgun, 100-rounds for semi-auto shooters, or 300-rounds for machine gun shooters), Sunscreen, Water/Snacks Remember the appropriate paperwork for NFA Items!!

    Saturday, September 20th
    Registration at 9:00am and safety briefing at 9:15am
    Pre-registration suggested--see contact information below for Chris Raney

    Proactive Defense (DFW area)
    I-35W at Farm to Market 1171
    Northlake, TX 76262
    817.919.7990 Call for Chris Raney for range and match information!

    Entry Fee: $35
    Optional: $15 donation TSRA will deduct 15 seconds off of your score time, well worth your investment!

    Machine Gun / Handgun Stock class (Iron sights, factory capacity magazines)
    Machine Gun / Handgun Open class (Optics, magazines with capacity over 30 rounds)
    Semi-auto / Handgun Stock class (Iron sights, factory capacity magazines)
    Semi-auto / Handgun Open class (Optics, magazines with capacity over 30 rounds)

    Proactive Defense - Home

    *Range provided by: Proactive Defense, Proactive Defense - Home
    *Awards provided by: DFW Armory. DFW Armory : :, Class 3, NFA, NFA Firearms, Class 3 firearms,MachineGuns, Silencers, Suppressors, Guns, Gun, Guns for sale, Armalite, Browning,Colt,Smith & Wesson,Barrett, Springfield, HK, Heckler & Koch, Knight'sArmament,Dallas, Texas,

    For specific match or general information, contact:

    Chris Rainey 817-919-7990

    Chip Andrews 817-320-4724

    **Kudos to Dale Hendrickson - event spark plug !!

    Alice Tripp and the TSRA Legislative Committee thanks you all!

    See you at the Match!
    More Gun-More Fun with Class 3

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