Coronavirus Epidemic, Part 2


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Sep 27, 2017
Those are good adds! Most of those I hear in advertising, though. And immediately tune out whatever they say after it...
The ones I hate even more?
"We're in this together".
Yep. Lots of propaganda everywhere, every medium.

How do I know it’s propaganda?

Definition of propaganda
1 capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions
2 : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
3 : ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause
also : a public action having such an effect


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Aug 22, 2018
Was thinking about this a bit, and it occurred to me that I (we?) may possibly be looking at the whole mask-requirement bullshit the wrong way...and missing out on a strategic opportunity. Bear with me just a bit here...

First off, if someone wants to wear a mask, I've got no issue with that.

The problem is forced compliance (which, as previously stated, is just a means to an end)...

I've generally eschewed wearing masks (for various reasons), but between the 'surveillance state' and the ubiquitous hordes of NPC's just itching to whip out their cell phone camera and get their virtue-signal on, it may not be worth it right now just to make a point...

Also, businesses are most definately being threatened with compliance, and my guess would be in a not-so-subtle fashion...They can never know who's who or who may be watching, but only takes once to get them jammed up, possibly shut-down. Something to think about...

So back to the main point - there are times where it makes sense to project an "Alpha" presence/demeanor (in one form or another), but there are many scenarios where invisibility is both a gift and incredible strategic capability.

And the crux of this thought excercise: with all the bullshit going down (not to mention the very obvious societal trajectory), and given the ubiquity of cameras/recording and advanced analytics (e.g. facial recognition, etc.), it would appear to be a ready-made and golden opportunity to [strike]adopt an effective/unobtrusive camouflage and defense against pervasive and malicious surveillance threats[/strike] go with the flow and be a good [strike]comrade[/strike] world citizen...

Just becomes an issue of proper mask design/selection! ;)
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Nov 3, 2014
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My position has always been that government should not be coercing anyone or any business through an executive order.

If a business chooses to make a requirement on their own, that’s their right and I’ll respect it. But, I’m not required to spend my money at that business. Costco is a perfect example. We haven’t been there since they voluntarily implemented the mask.

Since Bexar Co implemented enforcement requirements on businesses recently, we have actively chosen to take all of our business to Kendall county because until recently the government there hasn’t been coercive of the people or business.

In return, those businesses funnel my share of tax dollars to the government. It’s a much larger share than before.

With Kendall county’s decision to implement an order instead of having an open meeting, I’m now either going to Kerr county, doing without, or having to pick the lesser of two evil governments to fund.

Remember when Clayton Williams said that thing about getting raped? Well, I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy it.

Oh yeah, that required temperature shit sure did go away quick.
I agree with all this. Don't cause a scene at the business. Vote with your dollars. Make a scene with the politicians.


Mar 26, 2013
Lake Texoma
Lol I don’t put bumper stickers on my car so I can’t wear a mask with a statement but they are funny. I carry a brown bandana just in case I get in a situation that a mask is needed or required. Now they say the bandana is the least effective? So I’m guessing a bandana will be prohibitive soon?
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