Concealed Carry Insurance / Legal Protection


Feb 3, 2016
Glad to see people pondering this subject. I just re-upped my insurance via Retired status as a LEO. No matter the situation, you want to consult an attorney, and one who is versed in firearms law for your locale. You do not want a tax attorney, probate attorney, or just a run of the mill criminal defense attorney. Remember, criminal defense attorneys mostly defend guilty people. Also keep in mind that not all LE are 2a supporters, depending on the locale (think a liberal city) they may be pressured to file charges even if none should be. If you can, consult with your attorney, or present questions via email, as did an earlier post, to get a feel for what to do when/if it happens. There is a lot going on at a shooting scene, there is no penalty for asking for an attorney, anyone who says there is, like TV, is an idiot. Give the police information on suspect description if he got away, but if he is there, use the L word.

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