Colorado reciprocity?

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  • DocBeech

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    Jul 6, 2023
    That would apply more for Colorado people in Texas, where it sounds like he will be subject to Colorado Laws while there.
    That is incorrect. That website tells you if the state is Reciprocal (like you see with Colorado) or Unilateral (Meaning we cannot carry there, but they can here).

    In this case you can see it says Reciprocal. The issue of "will be subject to Colorado Laws" applies to anyone and everyone when visiting another state. For example, someone visiting from Montana would have to follow Texas LTC laws, not Montana laws while here. It works exactly like driving does. Some states you cannot turn right on red, having a Texas DL doesn't all of a sudden make that legal...


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    Should be good to go, and Colorado is also an open-carry state so you'll probably see a couple folk just OC'ing. We came through Colorado during our move to Texas, stayed there for a couple days to visit family in Colorado Springs, and I saw a few people openly carrying handguns even in libby CO Springs.

    I'd double check Texas' reciprocity with New Mexico, as NM isn't quite as gun friendly (especially with their current governess) as either Colorado or Texas.
    It's pretty much the opposite. Colorado is much less gun friendly than New Mexico. I go up to either place at least once a year and carry in both places.

    Colorado has magazine limitations and New Mexico doesn't. Colorado has managed to get more anti 2nd stuff through. There's always a pretty good push back in NM. I was thinking about not going to Telluride this winter because they were trying to pass law that mandated insurance for firearms carrying. It didn't get through luckily. Places like Pagosa Springs are pretty friendly to the 2nd.

    Both states have reciprocity with Texas.

    ColoradoReciprocalEffective December 29, 2004, Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed persons with a valid Colorado license to carry a handgun may carry in Texas
    Effective May 17, 2007, the Governor of Colorado signed Senate Bill 34 recognizing handgun permits issued to residents of the issuing state, who are 21 years of age, may carry in Colorado.
    New MexicoReciprocalEffective June 22, 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry and New Mexico Department of Public Secretary Cabinet Secretary Gorden E. Eden Jr. proclaimed persons with a valid license to carry a handgun may carry in Texas and New Mexico.Agreement

    The magazine limit is 15 rounds maximum in Colorado.

    They have tried to pass magazine restrictions in NM, but none have been successful I believe.

    I pucker a little when I cross over from NM to Colorado.


    TGT Addict
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    Sep 27, 2017
    It's pretty much the opposite. Colorado is much less gun friendly than New Mexico. ….
    Concur. And in Denver/Boulder, the people are downright assholes about it, which blows my mind because of the amount if weed they smoke.

    The state of CO passed a law a couple years ago giving the authority to regulate firearms to the local municipalities. It’d be a cold day in Hell before I OC’d in that state.
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